Bringing the onewheel on the plane

  • I would like to bring my OW+ on Springbreak. What does FM say about bringing in on a plane in terms of bringing it through security with you or packing it in a bigger suitcase? I don't want to get to the airport and find out I can't bring it.


  • @RunnerLeo FM has no say in the matter, it's all up to TSA and whether the TSA worker you deal with is having a bad day or a good day. It's a crap shoot. Some people get through no problem, some people miss their flight because they won't let them board with it.

    Safest bet is to check it and say nothing, and just hope no one checks the bag, or else you might get to your destination and your OW doesn't.

  • Or you might get lucky and won't say anything getting there,
    and on the way back they give you problems and tons of hassles.
    It's why most people don't bother.
    We really need clear regulations.
    It's not just OW. I use my electric scooter a lot and it's easy carry on at 23 lbs
    and fold into a stick like.
    Others like to take their e boards.
    It's those damn hover boards that started it all.

  • @sonny123 Exactly. That cuts your chances in half, and they're already bad right now.

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