Onewheel for sale

  • The sale of my onewheel fell through. Have a onewheel, less than a year old for sale.

    Located in central Florida, but can drive and meet or ship if needed.

    Asking $1150 obo

    917-287-3870 - Grant

  • Still for sale. Great board and open to offers. No point in letting it sit around the house if one one else can ride it.

  • Details? Ultracharger? Fender? condition? Pics?

    Just FYI - there is another seller in LA who is having issues moving his board at an even lower price point - so details here might help you to find this baby a new home.

    (and yes, I'm kinda interested, but just bought OW+ and would need to score this at the LA price to be workable. Though, I might consider picking up)

  • @gabegley You might need to come down on that price. Brand-new ones are just $150 more, with no shipping in the US, and have a 1-year warranty.

  • I'm in Melbourne Florida. I'm interested, maybe we can work out a deal

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