Onewheeler thinking heavily about the evolve gt

  • Anyone here have experience with the gt? It would be my third board or fourth with the one+ on order.. I have the eglide, Onewheel V1.

  • I had a Bamboo GT All terrain. I sold it on Ebay. It was a very good and fast board. Much faster than the Onewheel v.1. But It wasn't as fun (not even close). They are very different on the riding side. The Onewhell is much more comfortable. Much more! But, if you want a board to commute (fast), the GT is excellent. Let me know if I can help you with any other info.

  • No, that is in line to what I was thinking

  • I have the new Carbon GT and love it! If you want to travel good distance then the Evolve is amazing. I love the One Wheel and the Evolve, it would be tough to pick one over the other. Both have their strong points.

  • I had both the carbon GT All Terrain and Street and the OW. I sold the Evolve after few months. I completely agree with @gustesta . It was a fast commuter and carving was great too as well as the range, but it is not sturdy at all, I was always afraid to damage it and the fact that you have a remote in your hand is a step backward for me compared to the OW.
    I feel the OW is more connected to my brain than the Evolve because you ride it with your whole body not only your hand.

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