Onewheel stuck at 100% even though I rode it this morning

  • Current voltage is 53.3

  • If it is still stuck a month later, I would delete and re upload the app, it depends if your using OWheelBuddy or the app that FM makes, If your using the OWheelBuddy you can't do that and you may be screwed because its not in the app store anymore, but I had the same problem and being the 14 year old kid I am decided if I tried to run the battery until it completely died 7 miles away from my house, at least it was a good workout but next day it was back to normally reading percentages, If you are using the FM app delete and re upload and it should fix itself. Hope this helps you if this problem hasn't already fixed itself.

  • You could also charge for 2 days to balance the battery cells, may be that one isn't being used because they aren't balanced and the app is only readying that one cell.

  • @OffRoadOW I will try reloading the app, have not ran it down to 0% due to the fact did not want to get caught stranded on it lol

  • @tony420121 Hope it works!

  • @tony420121 If you don't want to get stranded on the OW I would ride around the basement until it dies, get some music and just practice turns and all the fun stuff, if you can't to that find a nice hill close to your house and practice doing thibgs like going up one way and just going backwards the other way, that's what I would do or just ride by your house every couple minuites.

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