February is here! Who will be the first +

  • @OW-Miami said in February is here! Who will be the first +:

    I wonder if anyone is order 8xxx?

    Haven't seen a single one of those here yet.

    Me? 79xx.. Probably won't see my board until March.

    See my post above.

  • @AceCannon oh, missed that. Damn 1300 units by Jan 10th? wow

  • #8422 Check'in in.
    A little confused about ship date.

    I have been asking about shipping early Jan and it was still open for Jan shipping, but when I finally pushed the order button, the pre-order ship date already said "Shipping April". It got spooled up fast.

    Anyways during the order process, Carly from FM said it will ship late Feb.

    I have mixed feelings about it all.

  • Order # 708x here also.. looks like I'm tied with @iSurfVilano :)
    My V1 order date was on 5/22/16 Order #3812

  • 708# no news yet.

  • @northwallace As someone who hasn't ordered a OW+, why do these order #s have unknown digits (or Xs)? When I ordered V1, they gave an exact #.

  • @dcosmos people aren't posting their exact order number for privacy purposes. So 708x might be 7081 or 7088, etc.

    You have an idea of where they are in the queue, without having their exact order #.

  • Got an email from FM saying first batch won't ship til after February :(

  • I had a feeling it would keep getting pushed back. We'll see, as I am even expecting to get mine in March.

  • @njcustom What are you serious? Not even late feb....

  • 784X here.

    Wondering which will arrive first, my OW+ or my Tesla Model 3...

  • @njcustom Did they go into any more detail than that?

  • @s2kboy dead serious.. disappointing I know

  • @tonyrumans that's all they said.. I asked to switch my fender with bumpers and they said no but they will give me a discount code to purchase bumpers

  • Here you go guys so we can all rest easy. Straight from onewheel. Needless to say I am super excited!

    We're already cranking to get Onewheel+ out the door and under your feet as soon as possible!

    Demand for Oneweheel+ has been insane since it's launch. Due to the volume of orders we have had adjust our shipping timetable slightly to accurately reflect lead times. We've been updating our ordering page with current shipping forecasts as orders continue to roll in so there aren't any surprises.

    Here's the breakdown - Founding Members should be getting their boards around the end of February and early March. Gold Members should get their boards in March and Silver Members should get their boards in April.

    Hang in there, it'll be worth it. The board is insane!!

  • @s2kboy There might be hope after all!

    This thread was suppose to make the wait easier but instead it made me even more anxious to ride the +!

  • @northwallace said in February is here! Who will be the first +:

    @s2kboy There might be hope after all!

    This thread was suppose to make the wait easier but instead it made me even more anxious to ride the +!

    I know! I was thinking late February as a Founding Member, but now I fear March! A week ship time for me on the set coast too! UGH!!! This is my first so I am super stoked!

  • I emailed them about something else, but during the exchange I asked customer service: "Also side question, I know you get this question a ton, but are the + models still on time to ship in February? I ordered mine the first day they were available."

    The response:

    "We are hoping to get the Founding members shipped around the end of February leading into early March. We will have more specific ship dates as we approach the end of the month!"

    So at this stage it looks like things are still on schedule for the early orders.

    You know what they say, "All good things come to those who act quickly without considering the consequences."

    Or something like that.

  • shipping will be APRIL...maybe later?!:(...(Future motion's probably having trouble shedding old kickstarter habits (collecting orders first before producing)hahahah)
    & will they offer compensation for the earlybirds(investors ;).. since they failed the agreement/ did not keep their promise to buyers when collecting the orders, hoping to get fast when they order fast?....by at least 2 months
    probably not...
    too bad

  • Order# 710# and I got this email today after asking if my board will ship before the 17th due to me moving out of the address I had my order set to.

    "Thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your order! We are currently looking at an end of month ship date heading into early March...."

    I just hope they don't rush and get these all out in tip-top shape. Nothing worse than receiving a busted board and having to ship it back. My very first board had overheating issues during the peak of the whole 8 week wait.

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