February is here! Who will be the first +

  • Order# 710# and I got this email today after asking if my board will ship before the 17th due to me moving out of the address I had my order set to.

    "Thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your order! We are currently looking at an end of month ship date heading into early March...."

    I just hope they don't rush and get these all out in tip-top shape. Nothing worse than receiving a busted board and having to ship it back. My very first board had overheating issues during the peak of the whole 8 week wait.

  • I agree, I would rather them not rush the boards out the door if it means even the slightest chance of QC issues. Hopefully that won't be an issue, but I'm cool with waiting extra time to ensure that everything is as good as it can get before being shipped to me.

  • @s2kboy That's exactly what they told me 1/31/17. I'm a 79xx they said end of February early March

  • Hopefully they learned a lesson from a couple years ago after getting bashed when 4-6 weeks delivery really meant 12+ weeks. But maybe they didn't considering some of those folks most enraged by delays are now huge fans and all that obviously no longer matters.

  • try doing/ selling that with the deadlines at your daily job/contracts!?;);)......whahahahahaa
    but as a consumer having spent the money allready....
    understanding...is understandable ;);)...what can you do ;)

    ps:when this happened to me on Alibaba with a clone I wasn't this understanding !;) ;(..I was being a real "TRUMP" about it hahah ;)...shouting scam shame! WTF...when will you ship..I ordered 2 months ago!!software not ready...product not ready :(:( I paid you should supply ETCETC ;);););)
    is that Racist?;)....

  • Could be far worse. I "pre-ordered" a SoloShot3 (https://shop.soloshot.com/) the day the preorders dropped in October 2015 with the "expected ship date" to be Spring 2016....well, that didn't happen. It kept getting pushed back and now it's supposed to start shipping March 2017, that's a year from the original timeframe. Granted, those who pre-ordered the first day received 45% off on a device that will retail at $899, but still....

  • @iSurfVilano Agreed.

    FM was fairly on time by Kickstarter standard during their initial campaign..
    Few weeks delays from target is within the norm.
    My guess is the parts delivery.
    Assembly and shipping go fairly fast.

  • In defense of FM, when you are dealing with any kind of outside supplier, you make estimations based on the information they give you. If one supplier suddenly has a delay on a part you need, it can throw off your whole schedule. I've run a startup and have a few friends who have also run successful startups, and in my limited experience, you never get things from your suppliers on time. The best you can do is give a conservative estimate, but even that usually ends up being wrong. You never know where/how it's going to go wrong, you just do the best with the information you have. Honestly if they ship a + model board before March 1st it will be a pretty substantial achievement for a company of that size, that doesn't have complete vertical control over their supply chain.

  • So guys we are almost mid Feb now I am getting too excited I check the forums daily for new posts lol

  • @s2kboy Yeah, I'm getting pretty excited as well. Hoping someone will update this thread if they receive their order.

  • @s2kboy Same here. I just sold my V1 too so I'm board-less until my plus comes (granted the weather here has been terrible so it's not like I can ride right now anyway). I hope it's not too long.

  • When I get the email from FM that they've shipped my OW+... I will instantly be in a state of "Hurry up and wait"

  • I ordered the within the first 48 hours. #73XX

  • @J-Glide too slow bro... too slow :) 710x here. Expecting an email anyyyyyday now hehe

    I just wish I ordered too now. 1 for me and 1 for me when the other has to charge.

  • 80##
    Been emailing FM about the shipping date and I have been assured an early March ship date.
    Frontier Gold baby!

  • I was hoping that FM would have shown some love by sending the first email notifications yesterday, darn it.

  • Just got an email from FM:
    It's all Happening

    Hey Pioneers, we've been cranking to get awesomeness under your feet as quickly as humanly possible! Here's an update:
    SHIPPING - We are tracking to begin shipping the first Onewheel+ boards to Pioneer Collective Founding Members in February. Due to overwhelming demand we will continue fulfilling Founding Member boards into March. Gold Members are still tracking to ship later in March and Silver Members in April. You'll be riding before you know it! Woohoo!!
    Onewheel Pioneer Collective Membership Badges are on the way!

    BADGES - We will begin shipping Pioneer Collective Membership Badges next week. Welcome to the crew!! Remember, if you get the pink/purple Badge pictured above we're flying you and a buddy out to visit us in Santa Cruz. We can't wait to find out who wins!!
    Onewheel x Mafia Bag is awesome!

    MAFIA BAG - These are the real deal folks. For all you Founding and Gold Members, make sure you take advantage of your MAFIA Slingpack coupon codes before they expire on February 28th. Coupon codes were sent to the email that was used to place your order. If you can't find our email check that spam folder!

    Get Your MAFIA Slingpack
    We Got Your Back! - We know we've been a little hard to get a hold of since launching Onewheel+ but we are hiring additional customer support hero's and working hard to make sure that we offer the excellent customer service you deserve. We got you!

  • Just got it as well! Now to tell my fiancée the new one is on the way.

  • @tonyrumans So very last days of Feb at earliest. I wonder if everyone who ordered first day will get it in Feb or not.

  • same here, just got it

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