Onewheel pelican case

  • 1615 is too shallow by under a half inch with board on side, and the 1670 is worse, but the 1650 ($225 with foam on Amazon) does appear to fit the specs with the board corner to nose and rear to corner as it appears in the Adam Savage video.

    A 1690 ($300 with foam from Amazon) looks like it would fit two boards side by side in the standard board orientation with the wheel down with a fender on. With just one board it would have room for pads, charger, helmets, camera equipment, etc. I like to keep everything together for items like this and that would fit the bill.

    I use Pelican cases for important work gear and really expensive toys, but I as an apartment dweller can't see sacrificing the needed room to store the 1690 case when not traveling, but if I was going to go in for something like this, that would be my pick for none-flying travel.

  • It seems like the 1650 is the one in the video. But, its too heavy at 24 lbs w/o foam + 25 lbs onewheel = 49lbs. Check in bag weight limit is 50 lbs, which means you can't pack anything else into the case. The 1615 air would be ideal because it only weighs 17 lbs w/o foam. This leaves room to pack a few essentials and a charger. Do you really think it will be too shallow to pack a onewheel diagonally on its side like in the promo video? The depth on a 1615 air is 9.38 inches.

  • @Oversoul225 Do you really think the 1615 air will be too shallow to pack a onewheel diagonally on its side like in the promo video? The depth on a 1615 air is 9.38 inches.

  • @gio.lyfe And the board is almost 9.5 inches. That is excluding all foam, and you are going to need top carton foam and at least a 1/4" of flat foam on the bottom or there isn't any protection. Hard as Pelican cases are, they aren't going to close if the contents are too large. There are also internal structures in the cases that will limit the actual interior space on some dimensions and these aren't posted (Near the wheels), so it is better to expect needing more room, not less.

  • @Oversoul225 you make alot of sense. Thanks man.

  • I just heard back from onewheel and they said the Pelican case in the promo video is the 1650. The only bad thing is that the 1650 is too heavy (24lbs) to travel with anything else other that the onewheel by itself. The 1615 air would be perfect, but I'm told it might be a little too shallow to fully close.. Hmm. At this point I need pelican to make a 1650 air. Lol. Or.. I might just get a hard body suitcase and line it with foam. This way I can check in all my gear in one case along with extras/essentials.

  • Pelican cases are awesome but obviously pretty heavy unfortunately. It's looks great in a promo video to strut through the door, slide it on the table and crack it open pulp fiction style. They turn even smaller equipment into a pretty bulky carry. I wish they were more practical for transporting our boards.

  • I'm having a light weight flight case made in preparation for the new OW+ It will be made of a material called Astroboard, it will have wheels and possibly a pullout handle and the OW and charger will slide into an engineered foam sleeve so the OW won't moved about.

    I'm going to test it, see how it works in terms of weight versus ease of use to travel with, see how other compartments work in it for other storage and I'll update you guys once I've got some news

  • @Jimmers75
    Did you ever get that box made? How did i workout? pics?

  • I was considering this if I had to fly with it, the one I linked is 22 in., you would need the 30 in. model.

    The onewheel is a tank so I'm not really sweating a hard case.

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