Customer service?

  • Anyone know how to get ahold of their customer service over the phone? I've been trying for days now and they don't even call back.
    Giant ordeal they've got going on because of the Affirm financing and I need some answers. Thanks for the input guys.

  • @PumpkinKing what's the ordeal?

  • @sidebox so long story short, Affirm dropped orders because Future Motion hadn't accepted the funds from them. So instead of just renewing the orders via Affirm they decided to drop them all together. Now those customers that were using Affirm have 48 hours from the time of cancellation to place a new order So that they may retain their spot on the reserve list.

  • @PumpkinKing got it. When I was considering ordering on day one or two I got a message from one of the FM guys saying to use PayPal bill me later instead because affirm was having trouble expanding or some such. I just ended up dumping it on a credit card. Sounds like a crazy situation.

  • Maybe I got lucky cause I'm still paying on affirm and they just accepted my 3rd payment with no problems. They've been good at responding my emails though, usually within couple days.

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