OWheelBuddy and the +

  • I got to thinking today about how great the OWheelBuddy app is. I never run out of battery in a bad spot anymore thanks to @SeeTheInvisible.
    Makes me wonder, will the + work seamlessly with the app? I don't think I can ever go back to the original app....

  • Of course it will. No problem. From day one... We know for sure

  • Rock on then! Again, @SeeTheInvisible thank you so much for the awesome app. I use it literally every day.

  • I was kidding... no one really knows. :) but I'm sure it will be no time till he figures it out...

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL As someone who has tinkered with connecting to the Onewheel (https://drewbaumann.github.io/onewheel-web/) It should be pretty straight forward.

  • @drew That's assuming @SeeTheInvisible has access to a OW+.

  • @thegreck If he doesnt I can just relay the info to him I'm sure.

  • Yeah, I figured it would be no big deal. It's just whatever the new software/ firmware is. Frankly, i would have to imagine Future motion would even help. :) its to their benefit to not spend time developing their app while this is out there, doesn't make them any money to develop an app.

    I was more responding to. All these questions that are being asked, as if we have any idea of what is coming. No one except for like 2 people that arena' even really members here have even touched a board.

    I gots to get me to CES one of these years.

    On a positive note, I spoke to Future Motion yesterday reguarding the thing I wanted to and told them i could probably fix their airline issue for them if they want to put me in touch with management. So we will see if they follow up with that.

    That has to be a Major Major value added thing if we can get the FAA clearance. And I can promise you I can get all the people to the table. The only thing I don't know because I'm not an expert is, can we make a technical enough argument that there is simply no reasonable reason they could refuse us and or why not make a special pass or Onewheels.

    Especially in Trumps America... Built in the USA baby. :) But, I can get the FAA to the table, and get the technical arguments made no problem. It's what I do for a living. And I can probably get it done way cheaper than if they just randomly go hiring a lobbyist. I have the right people in place already. And I want to be able to travel and I want people to be able to travel.

    Because one of my next projects is a OneWheel Cruise!!!! :) I can for sure get them on the cruise ship. We can't ride them on the ship. But, we can get them on the islands. BUt if people can't fly in. That would be a pain. You could always ship them in. But pain...

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL That would be great if we could get FAA approval. I am doubting they would help too much with development efforts. The lack of communication with the community definitely doesn't give me too much confidence there.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Good luck. I'd love to be able to fly with my OW. Let us know how it goes.

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