Loss of range after ~2 months

  • As the title says, I'v been riding almost 2 moths and I'v noticed that the battery can't quite go the 8 miles that I used to get out of it. I'm definitely riding the thing faster, harder and more offroad these days, but the battery drains fast enough to have me worried. I check my tire pressure every week (16psi, i'm 150lbs).
    I have heard something in the past about "resetting" the battery by keeping it charged in overnight. Is there truth to this? Do you guys think that would increase my range again? Thanks.

  • @slydogstroh absolutely leave it plugged in over night .. Atleast once a week if you ride daily.. It balances the battery cells

  • As the outside temperature drops, you will see a reduction in range. It is the nature of lipo batteries. I have experienced a 1 mi. reduction in range from summer until now as a result of the cooling weather.

  • @slydogstroh I tried an experiment after noticing similar symptoms. I remembered how I first rode when I was learning. I usually just cruised at a fairly slow pace, and didn't carve or make any sudden stops at all. I tried riding a full charge the same way I used to, and my range was right where it started. It takes a lot out of the battery to carve, start, and stop. Every movement you make takes a lot of juice to process.

  • Yep, ditto, when I'm low on batt and far from home I ride super chill and slow, and no carving to save the battery. I can drain it super quick playing around.

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