RIDING in county or city parks on mountain Bike trails... Help

  • Hey, does anyone here ride or know of a place or people that have ridden on mountian bike trails in their county or city parks. I'm in florida we just have swamp here. So our county parks have set up mountain biking trails.

    I work for the county, and the Parks director seemed to be ok with letting use the Onewheels on the mountain biking courses... currently closed to ALL traffic except mountain bikes. Very Strict rule here. But, he wanted some backup Cover his ass material where another park had already allowed it. Or didn't have strict rules to begin with.

    Appreciate it if anyone knows and can relay the info so we can call them; :) thanks!

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL don't ask for permission. The world is scared of people that move sideways while having fun. No time for diplomacy just go and get your fix. I know you are a lawyer or something like that but skateboarding is still a crime so charge your wheel and go break some laws. Also to be more relevant to your question. The Asheville Police Department has delivered a formal statement that the Onewheel is classified as an electronic assistance device in the same category as an electronic wheel chair and it's allowed on city streets as well as sidewalks. So far I've been kicked off the blue ridge parkway and the VA hospital by federal law enforcement who didn't seem impressed with that jargon. As far as trail riding I haven't been caught or stopped by any park rangers yet. I feel good about riding on trails though especially a day or so after a rain when the ground is still malleable. I'm like a little steam roller that comes along repairing all the ruts from the greedy mountain bikers who can't wait until the ground is firm.

  • agreed, better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I'd also advise caution around horses. Both times I came across them they were startled by the onewheel and their owners gave me quite an earful.

  • @groovyruvy

    and dogs.

    Had a guy at the park with a tiny dog on each side blocking the way.
    I didn't see his extended leash and thought the dog was lose and hit the string.
    He almost died of a heart attack.

  • Hey @ashewheeler , kind of off topic, but how does the OW handle virgin woods? Like blazing fresh tracks?

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I ride city trails all the time. Segway lobbied hard in most if not all of the states to get laws sanctioning their devices where most pedestrians, bicycles, and slow moving traffic are allowed. Check your state code for laws covering "Electric personal assistive mobility devices." If it's not quite to your liking, plead ignorance if called out and lobby to change the law to your state reps, or delegates, or whatever it is you have in FL. OW doesn't quite fit the definition of EPAMD in my state, but it's close enough.

  • Ok, Let me rephrase this differently. I always go with forgiveness over permission. But where the parks are that I am at, you have to pay a fee to get on these trails and go through a gate guarded by a guy. Still I talked the dude into letting me try it out. :)

    HOwever, I am the chief of staff to one of the Commissioners. So if they mess with me, I could pass a damn ordinance and get myself on the trail :) but, I am trying to be nice about it. He i think wants to accomidate me but cover his ass and not say he is just doing it because he is doing it cause I asked, so he can say, well i looked into it and these other jurisdictions do it.

    So, everybody is covered if I can name another park that allows it... And its gotta be specifically a Park and Like mountain bike trails. Or maintained trails. Not like sidewalk laws.

    I have argued for the disabled thing. I have a back issue so Sometimes for me, it is a legit transportation device. And I say to the people who say it isn't Tell me How...

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL You could cite the relevant bits of your state code, particularly subsection 1(b) here. Section 21 lhere defines EPAMD. Unfortunately Montana's definition of an EPAMD also has the problem of specifying "two non-tandem wheels," but I certainly think OW fits within the spirit of that law.

    Anyway, I have heard second hand that years ago a guy in Bozeman had a Segway and specifically sought permission from the city to use it on the trails. He rallied around on that thing all over the place until he wrecked it and hurt himself pretty bad... but he was allowed to be there. I can maybe find out some details if you think it will help your cause.

  • Yeah well, i got a concussion 2 days ago. From a stupid 2 surface issue slick and concrete. Caused a faceplant out of nowehere.

  • I'm staying out of the woods...Got Lyme disease riding my onewheel on a mountain bike trail.. didn't catch it in time either :/

  • @njcustom So your dead?

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL lol no I'm alive.. it can kill you but doesn't usually..

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