OW for sale in North East Ohio?

  • Hey all, I am thinking about surprising my girlfriend with a OW for our anniversary in March. I ordered the plus January 5 and would love to ride around together vs separate. I think she would be stoked! Anyway. Is there anyone in northeast Ohio willing to sell their OW?

  • @JP_81 I also ordered the plus, and am currently deciding on what to do with my V1. I'm thinking about selling it. It has less than 200 total miles on it and I have new footpads that I haven't installed yet. I'm in Rochester, NY, so I'd have to ship it to you, but shipping cost wouldn't be bad. Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in and I'll shoot you a price. I'd include a fender too.

  • @Apio i am interested! Send me pictures if you can!

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