Cool mods or must haves for OW

  • @Snurfer said in Cool mods or must haves for OW:


    People should consider Bloom traction pads. Made out of algae instead of petroleum products:

    Reduce Reuse Recyle brah!

    Hey, I'm recycling dead dinosaurs! Haha, just kidding, that's a good idea. But wouldn't algae be really slippery? ;)

  • @wr420 I ordered some 14 mil tape and it's legit. I will be putting it on the plus for sure. ISC Helicopter-OG-HD Surface Guard Tape: 2 in. x 30 ft. (Transparent)

  • @bdech15 please update with photos!

  • @drew said in Cool mods or must haves for OW:

    The first thing I did was vinyl wrap to keep the blue aluminum scratched to a minimum.

    I did this for the first couple of weeks when I was constantly rolling it on it's side. Then I switched to double Gorilla taping the bottom edges near the bumpers. It became clear this was all futile about a month after owning it and I pulled all the sticky stuff off and just let nature take it's course. A kid in Missoula on a OW I ran into last fall remarked how nice and well taken care of mine looked, even though it had 800+ miles by then. I was pleased that I had managed to keep my looking pretty despite all we'd been through, but it wasn't really a compliment, if you know what I'm saying.

    I would say you should do the vinyl wraps for special occasions--like if you just want to give your OneWheel an outfit for a new look or for a parade or something. If you want to protect the blue anodized prettiness for resale, posterity, or in order for letting your friends noob around without grinding up your corner edges, use half strips of Gorilla tape and double them up at the usual wear points. Gorilla tape protects much better that than vinyl wrapping.

    Seriously, though, don't worry about scratches and scrapes once you decide you aren't trying to preserve resale value.

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