Some notes after riding for a couple days

  • This board is great! I am on it every day now and i'll soon be commuting with it. Just a couple notes.

    -if the board is moving and the foot comes off the sensor the board should slow down before just turning off (as long as the accelerators didn't detect a crash, i would so this by keeping a weighted sum of the changes in each axis, i bet the board has a max change in direction)
    -hillmode based on gps, or better yet have it see that it is moving slower than expected for the power being output
    -set charge level to stop at a percentage so if you start a ride that is mainly downhill it won;t over charge
    -app improvements!
    -I think it should be able to set the driving parameters beyond just simple,expert,hill
    -the forget device device button isn't needed to be so obvious
    -lots of other things. the learn to ride is nice but it is going to be used like once so it doesn't need to be so easy to find.
    -smart watches would be great with this, speedmeter, hill mode enable, battery state

    -ultrasound sensor so it will know when to do 'hill mode,' this may not be needed with the above software tweak
    -battery meter (even if it is just a single rgb led)
    -some sort of binding. I am thinking of making a strap that stays on with a magnet so that it will 'break away'. I find there being a max amount that i can push on my toes before my heel starts to come off the board

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