Portable Power Supply / Pure Sine Inverter

  • @Rig A lot of times indiegogo projects like this either won't work as advertised or won't actually ever exist.

  • @Rig I'm not an expert like Andy but I believe that the OW power charger loose some power during the charging (like few %) so you need a little more power to provide 250w. The "Plug" is a nice product but I'm not that confident due to this fact as it could switch OFF to safe mode if the OW ask too much power from it.

  • another thing that has to be considered is that the OW supercharger draws high current (3.5Amps) during charging, which the absolut majority of those power pakcs can not deliver (so far I have already seen those very bulky ones that can handle it). if it can not provide it, it will either charge very slow or not at all...

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm thinking about one of those little Honda generators

  • @Rig I jumped on the plug myself, can't wait to get it! Supposed to be here this month but I see it says April now. They had sent an email updating the issues manufacturer had with production and postponing ship date but I hope it's not that long. I'll be using it asap and I'll post my review, for now I'm on inverter power when traveling. Still waiting for WI to warm up so I can get the full range out of this beast!

  • Wait , cant you just use a simple 20$ 400watt inverter and your car battery?

  • What's up shredders? I'm new to the forum having just started riding this past December. Can't get enough of it and taking every chance I get to explore San Diego through the lens of the Onewheel.

    Maybe a stupid question but if your car has a standard charging plug in it can't you just charge directly through this outlet. Haven't tried yet so figured I would ask before I blow a fuse or something worse.

  • @Ike Hey, If your car has a plug somewhere, it probably already has an inverter installed to your car battery. I would look into what size the inverter is before plugging in. You want a minimum of 300 watts from the inverter. Ideally you would get a pure sine wave inverter that is 300 watts or more. Good luck!

  • @Dirk Yes, those would work for car charging.. But I wouldn't go for the cheapest inverter possible. I was also looking for other more portable options such as a small generator or power pack.

  • @Hazeey Do you think the plug is the best option for 250W at $260?.. Maybe the other batteries that @RandomNate and @parrothd are a better deal at 300W for $300? Plus these batteries seem to already be tried and tested and its been confirmed you will get 2-3 full charges out of them. I'm still doing research so I can make the right choice.

  • @Dirk said in Portable Power Supply / Pure Sine Inverter:

    Wait , cant you just use a simple 20$ 400watt inverter and your car battery?

    Watts = amps x voltage
    in theory the Ultra-charger is approximately dc rated
    @ 58.4volts x 3.5amps = 204.4watts.
    On your inverter, the output rating is relevant to ac power, but power is power. The power conversion from ac to dc will have some loss(efficiency factor). This loss needs to be considered also.

    I had a personal policy to use 1.5x the power required. I believe the 400 watt inverter would work. Make sure you get good power from the battery too.

  • I just ordered a Wagan EL2601 400watt pure sine inverter.. Another person on this forum also mentioned using Wagan inverters. This seems seems to be the best bet based on specs, price, and brand reputation.
    I got it for $72 on amazon warehouse deals


    I'll let you guys know how it goes once I get it and my onewheel plus arrives!

  • @gio.lyfe I am going for portability also so I can have in my backpack to hit the trails and not keep heading back to car or power outlet. If you'll have your car then the inverter is the ticket which I have also. Fingers crossed on the " plug" unit helping with the endless trail ride!
    Now my charger seems to have crapped out on me after only a month of not even heavy use!
    Waiting to hear back on a warranty replacement.....anyone else have their charger quit on them?

  • Building your own battery pack using rechargeable Duracell batteries or other Lithium Ion is a lighter option. Have your battery balancer external and leave it at home. That way you carry only what you need(power).

  • @fruitygreen How would this work? Let's say I build a lithium ion battery pack out of several 18650 cells, then I would have to connect that to a balance charger which also needs a power supply for charging the battery pack? Then for charging the onewheel, I would connect the ultra charger to an inverter that the battery pack by itself is connected to?

  • @gio.lyfe-. You could use a solar charge controller to do the charging directly without dealing with the loss of an inverter.
    Li-ion-> solar charge controller (Docooler® MPPT Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller 10A-> ow.

  • @wr420 how does a solar charge controller work for these intended purposes?

  • @gio.lyfe Charge controller is a deluxe power regulator. Usually battery packs are consistent and drops voltage. The amperage or rate of power flow depends on the circuit that draws it, but to make things reliable we add a regulator

    The BMS for your diy battery pack is used only for charging the pack(lithium rechargeable type only).

    I believe the OW has its own internal BMS.

  • with the solar charge controller you dont need OW´s charger, so thats one more thing you dont need to to carry

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