Portable Power Supply / Pure Sine Inverter

  • @No Amazon lists the 5.4ah plug at 4.5 lbs. Is that inaccurate? Thanks.

  • @markdjr Just put it on my kitchen scale, it's 3lbs exactly, and 54ah

  • Update: The PLUG is garbage(for charging the OW) barely charged it once from 2%. Will be returning it for the setup I mentioned previously.

  • @No Isn't that to be expected? OW is 4.4ah and PLUG is 5.4ah. Shouldn't be much juice left. Is the PLUG charging the OW in the same amount of time as a wall outlet?

  • @markdjr I had no concrete expectations considering my lack of knowledge with electronics, I just hoped that it would've been better than this, if I started charging it from 0% it would've stopped at 98%, not even one full charge. It took about 45 min to go from 2% to 100%.

  • @No I had a nearly identical experience. I charged my OW from 2% to 97% in around 37-38 min with Plug. Honestly was hoping it would charge to at least 100%. The time to charge feels similar to me compared to standard setup with wall outlet.

  • @regulat0r Yea, I'm gonna return mine, there are better options in the 3lb range. @wr420 uses battery packs for hoverboards with pretty good results. He can respond if I'm wrong but I believe the battery he uses is less than 3 pounds and gives about 1.5 charges.

  • @no - Yep the setup I and others here are using is pretty flexible. You can basically tailor it to your needs based on how much weight you are wiling to haul vs how much charging you want to get done. RC batteries, e-scooters, e-bikes, home made or whatever. The charger is completely configurable and can be set to work with a range of input voltages. (tenth or hundredth of a volt increments)

    Just be careful pulling out the battery pack and all these wires and the detonator, I mean charger in crowded public places. lol

  • @No thanks for the update! I was getting excited hearing about the PLUG (for the ability to charge two boards at once), but was pretty skeptical given the specs. Was waiting to hear the verdict from you guys...

    @wr420 What's your exact setup? I assume the MPPT regulator + ??
    Once my OW+'s arrive, I suspect ride-time extension will be on my very short list!

    Cheers all~

  • The solar charger is the best damn thing that happened to Onewheel, period.

  • Damn FM would be BANKING right now if they just created a portable charger or figured a way to replace batteries.... hint hint @Future-Motion

    Take more of my $$$!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sonny123 @wr420 i think I have everything setup right with the solar charger but the amps always shows 0, even though I set it to 3.5. Plugging it into the board does nothing. What'd I do wrong?

  • Sorry to start so basic, is it on? By pressing ok twice. Fan should come on. Sorry next.
    For your source battery, what are the specs of the battery and what voltage did you set for the source voltage on the charger?

    It does take a minute for it to start charging but if you have the voltage set to 36v for a 36v battery, and the voltage of the battery is at 36v it won't charge. The source battery voltage setting should be set to the lowest voltage you would want the source battery to be pulled down to while charging . So for a 36v pack you would set it to so where around 32v

    Let me know

  • Also double check the wiring at the xlr connector

    For the output did u use 58v and 3.5A on solar charger settings ?

  • @wr420 no offense taken ;-) I probably should have added more details.

    My battery is 36V but when measured it's closer to 42V: http://www.ebay.com/itm/36V-12-5Ah-Lithium-Battery-W-Charger-For-Mountain-Bike-Scooter-Motor-DIY-Kits/292009928107

    This is the XLR plug I'm using: https://lunacycle.com/xlr-f-to-xt60-m-convertor/. Is it safe to assume the pins are arranged the same?

    The solar charger is on. I can hear the fans. I see the display go from my settings (42V in, 58V out, 3.5A out) to the image below.


    Maybe I should set the source battery to 36V instead of 42V? I haven't set the aH "battery capacity" setting but I'm assuming that's optional.

    Should I have everything hooked up before I plug the battery to the solar charger or does order not matter?

  • @noahsw yep, set it to 32v. I assume is li-ION? LSS each battery chemistry has a discharged, nominal and charged voltage. 32v is ok for that pack.

  • If you discharge or charge the pack too much you can damage it so the idea is to keep it in the 32v-42v range. Li-ion cells are around 3.2v-4.2v so 10 in series gives you the 32v-42v range of the pack.

  • 0_1493700462268_P_20170501_214717.jpg


  • @wr420 no dice :-(. I set the source voltage to 36 but it's still doing the same thing. Amps are zero.

    The OW should be off right? Or is it not drawing anything unless I turn it on?

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