DIY project: Concave Footpads for V1

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  • I would say first or third. Do plan selling them?

  • 1 or 4..or something else ;)
    I wouldn't make a small piece on the will probaly fall of after a while...
    I really hope we get to see your deck soon and hear about the improvements :):)

  • @Solaranlage & @timvdp : thanks.

    Do plan selling them?

    no, not at all. it takes me forever to make one. if i´d like to sell those, they would cost a furtune and i would have no spare time left to ride myself;-)
    i just post this to put some content to the forum and maybe to inspire somebody who wants to try it himself.

  • @cr4p said in DIY project: Concave Footpads for V1:

    @Solaranlage & @timvdp : thanks.

    Do plan selling them?

    no, not at all. it takes me forever to make one. if i´d like to sell those, they would cost a furtune and i would have no spare time left to ride myself;-)
    i just post this to put some content to the forum and maybe to inspire somebody who wants to try it himself.

    Thumbs up!!!:);)

  • @cr4p said in DIY project: Concave Footpads for V1:

    1. today i finished the wood work, milled the space for the sensors and destroyed the original footpad to reuse the sensor.
      0_1487324099735_11 Concave.jpg
      0_1487324108514_10 Concave.jpg
      0_1487324118770_12 Sensor Holes.jpg
      0_1487324125880_13 wood work finished.jpg

    now it is going to be varnished and in parallel I have to think of how to prepare the vicious griptape.

    since the walnut wood looks very nice, i´d like to keep some wood visible like they did with the OW+.
    still I would like to have some kind of different design, also to keep the wooden surface at a space where i usually do not step on while riding.
    therefore i made several quick mockups (based on a picture of the OW+).

    too many decisions...there are basically 2 versions with little variations.
    -> what do you think, which one would fit best?

    quality work man!! very nicely done....I rode today for the first time with the new ramps outside and it felt really nice and secure, you will deffinately be a safer and happier OW-rider!!;)..keep posting pics please:):)

  • @timvdp: thanks!

    1. first layer is lacquered - as i hoped the color of the wood is now even nicer.
      0_1487339529983_14 varnished first layer.jpg

    already lacquered it a second time, i expect to even look nicer.
    hopefully tomorrow i can put everything together and try it out.

    i just hope the sensor can deal with the concave...but lets see

  • Looks awesome! Very pro.

  • the original griptape is thicker for the sensor side with a cut out...probably to protect from impacts or something..and dampens the pressure a bit I think...maybe something to think about before you put just normal griptape over it...also gives a smoother look with no bumps from the sensor. Good luck tomorow :)

  • @timvdp the stock layup consists of three layers. The sensor and adjacent shims, full size plastic protective layer, then grip tape. On the prototypes I've built so far, the sensor is recessed into a pocket I machined in the footbed, I omitted the protective layer to keep everything level without any "bump up" around the sensor. With the full sensor I'm going to have PSA protective plastic cut the same size as the sensor and I will machine a pocket the depth of the sensor and the protective plastic. Then the grip tape will layup in a continuous plane.

  • yeah - it is DONE and so far it works like a charm!!

    1. assembly after 2nd lacquering
      0_1487425017511_15 Assemble.jpg

    2. finished
      0_1487425038706_17 Finished B.jpg

    0_1487426704045_16 Finished A.jpg


    with @SeeTheInvisible ´s great OWheelBuddy App I tested the proper functionality of the sensor first - it still reacts PERFECT on engaging and on disengaging without any delays - exactly as before.

    so far I have only tried it out indoor, but the grip is just U N B E L I E V A B L E!
    like @ashewheeler , @timvdp, @No and others have already said, both, the vicious grip tape and the concave makes a day and night difference. since i directly changed from the original footpads to this solution i can not really tell, how much each of the measures (grip tape/3-side-concave) contributed to the result, but the result is just amazing.

    it will take some weeks before i can for sure tell how satisfied i am, because i still have to ride it under different conditions - especially off-road, because this is what i designed it for.

    so to reach my personal goal of my "perfect DIY-off-road-OW" i am just one step behind my intended result:

    1. black carbon foiled (according to @J-Glide ´s awesome tutorial)

    2. one of @njcustom awesome magnetic custom carbon fenders
      (coated it with a black-rubber layer to cover the scratches from off-road riding)

    3. "DIY mobile super charger"
      to extend the off-road rides (still wanting to replace it with a improved version from andi)

    4. a DIY undercoating protective layer

    5. DIY 3-side-convace decks
      (as described within this thread, but inspired by @ashewheeler ´s & @No ´s pioneering work)

    6. viciuos grip tape

    7. [yet missing, but allready ordered] @no ´s discovered treaded hoosier tire (in D30)

  • @cr4p 😵 so sick dude can't wait to hear more about it🤘🤙👌

  • i was just out for a ride at one my favorite tracks and i have to say that i am completly stoked!

    of course i have to admit that i am kind of enthusiastic because that little DIY project went so well, but at the moment it feels like the holy grail of onewheeling - during the whole ride my foot didn´t even move 1mm from its position, carving hard is much easier and the OWheelBuddy app showed no sensor disconnect at all. secondarily i pushed my personal top speed, but that was only due to some over motivation resulting from that experience.



  • @cr4p Great work, thanks for sharing. How did you put the grip tape over the sensor. Did you protect it and if so with what material?

  • These look amazing!

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