DIY project: Concave Footpads for V1

  • ify ou started with a slightly bigger board could you have all the edges be a bit more rounded?

  • @Solaranlage said in DIY project: Concave Footpads for V1:

    @cr4p Whats the hole in the middle of the Sensor-Pad for?

    i do not know what it is technically for, but the original pad also has it. in the middle of the sensor it has something that looks different and this is what is going to be placed exactly over the whole. maybe something to allow pressure compensation? no idea, just guessing...

    i just did it the same way as the original pad has it.

  • @ltl said in DIY project: Concave Footpads for V1:
    How did you put the grip tape over the sensor. Did you protect it and if so with what material?
    the original griptape has a thin foil at the position where the sensor is, to avoid it sticking to the sensor.
    you can easily reuse this foil.

    both, the sensor and the foil are very thin. you can just reuse it from the old griptape, it is very easy to remove it from there. before you attach the new griptape, just place the foil exactly over the sensor, so the griptape can not stick to the sensor.

    you could built kind of a pocket (like @timvdp & @ashewheeler ) suggested. this would be of course the most professional way to do it and if you would do any mass production for sure you would do it that way.
    but i did not care about that, because sensor and foil are very thin and the viciuos griptape is very thick. you can´t hardly see it and - more important - you can´t feel it.

    i have to add something here.
    during the last testrides it happend twice that after jumping of the board (without a regular dismount) the board (sensor) did not disengage immediatly. during the first rides it wasn´t like that, but i now had it twice. it is the same behaviour as some of the new board do have at the beginning (which seems to go away at the original boards after a while).

    i will now watch closly watch this issue, and probably will have to change my mind and build this "pocket" for the sensor to have the "normal" behavior with immediate disengaging.

  • i had both of my brothers testride my modified board yesterday, and both said it is a major improvement that changes the agility a lot!

    both immediatly noticed a big difference during the first few meters resulting out of the pads and the new tire.
    one of them already has a board, which he is now going to modify in a simillar way (hoosier tire already ordered yesterday), the other one at least said that the feeling that he initially did not like at Onewheels is now gone, because it now behaves more intuitive/agile in the curves.

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