Bus, train, good times with mass transit

  • If there's a better thread for this let me know, I couldn't find one.

    So I took my OW to school today, which is about: two minute ride to the bus stop, an hour on the bus, and then an awesome ten minute ride through wooded sidewalk and some turf. Seriously that last leg is like the stuff OW would have on their videos. NO CARS it is fabulous and beautiful.

    However I'm not yet sold with OW on the bus. Experimenting on the fly, the best I could do is jam it into the seat next to me. Then you are "that guy" who's taking up two seats with his goofy gadget. It's impossible to sit with it between your legs. I have no idea what would happen if I stuck it in the bike rack.
    What may work... is sitting in the front seats / wheelchair spots (because those are always empty always), have OW on so it's in "park" mode, and sit it under those seats (because wheelchairs are never on the bus never). Which sounds good but I wonder if the bus turned hard enough this twenty-five pound thing with the lights on goes clunking across the aisle, sounding like a ladder flung down a stairwell.

    If the SoloWheel had anything going for it, it rode the bus well. I could turn it on and fix the lug strap over my leg and it would just heel. And if you got stuck standing with it, you could wear it, which did suck but at least you had your hands free.

    If I could get this to rock on the bus it would be excellent. Today "worked" but if a single thing hadn't panned out my way then I'd have been standing with it in the aisle.
    Any bus hints tips or tricks?

  • Can't you straddle it between your legs while seated? Maybe your bus seats are too close together for that? Or standing holding it resting between your legs holding it by the handle with one hand and using your other hand to hold a pole or seat grab handle?

  • Yeah, I have the same issue with forward-facing seats on the train. It just doesn't fit. Luckily they also have seats along the sides that face inward and I can slide the board under the seat. If those are full, I just have to stand. My train ride to work is just 15 minutes though, so I don't have to stand long.

  • @RandomNate Straddling that thing would be tough. It really almost took up the whole seat on it's own yesterday. And if you moved to let someone get out of the window seat or whatever then it would be a whole production.
    The wheel does not fit between the seat and the seat in before it, I really just jammed it, luckily it didn't get stuck. But sideways, I figure? Probably not, I just measured and with the side handle, the OW is wider then the wheel's diameter.
    Maybe some way to fit under the seat. Just not sure. The seats have struts that widen leading to the wall of the bus.
    If I could ride the train this would probably be easier, with their bike areas, but it's not on my route.

  • I wonder if one of the Mafia Bags would help. At least it couldn't roll around, helmet sticks to it, and people wouldn't ask "did you build that" questions. But it still has to fit somewhere, it's even bigger, and now I'm on the bus with two huge bags.

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