Disappointed with OneWheel

  • When I saw Onewheel and first got it I thought it was the best thing around.

    However, I had only put about 200 miles on it before I got a flat tire. I called onewheel and they assured me slime would work. It appeared to work when stationary but after riding more than about 2 miles would start leaking and after 3-4 miles was completely flat and left me carrying it home.

    I'm wondering who else has had poor tire performance? I've obviously seen on here people promoting 1,000 miles but with my experience I'm finding that hard to believe. The $200 cost for replacement is going to get pricey if this keeps happening.

  • Rode mine for about 800 miles on low psi (about 13) before I did a tire swap. Rode over broken glass and pulled plenty of goat head thorns from my tire. Never had a flat. Check out @Earthpilot and @No DIY tire swap posts. You can do it yourself for less than $100 and if you're feeling really spicy, you can even toss on a treaded tire!

  • @cmpridy they can't guarantee tire performance unless you could guarantee that you always had it inflated to the correct pressure and never rode over glass, nails, or other hazardous road debris that the tire isn't specifically designed to withstand. It's the same as any vehicle that comes with tires...if you buy a new car and get a flat tire in the first 200 miles, that's your problem.

  • @cmpridy You ran something over and it popped the tire?

  • Yeah it put a small hole in it. The slime just oozed out every now and then, thats how I found it.

    I realize they can't guarantee the life of the tire. They do promote you can ride off-road and everywhere else.

    When I buy my tires at discount tire, big o, etc. they fix punctures for free. I'm just saying they could provide a little better customer service, life if it goes flat within 250 miles patch it at just the S&H charge.

    Just overall disappointed I spent $1500 and less than 250 miles later I'm spending another $200.

  • @cmpridy just patch the tire..lol.. Either take it somewhere or buy a kit.

  • You should be getting at least 1000 miles per tire. I'd recommend just sending in for a tire change now, and be sure to keep your tire at least 16psi in the future. Maybe you just got unlucky? Ran over some bad glass or something.

  • Take your tire assembly off and take it to a go kart shop. Follow the tire change tutorial to do that, I'll find it and add it here. They will get your tire off and patch it. Call them first to make sure they can do it.

    Easier route and i bet it solves your problem

    Go get some Slime from walmart take the valve stem out, Slime comes with the tool in the black cap and add about a 5 second squeeze to a completely flat tire, put the valve stem back in and inflate. This should solve your problem because when I took my first tire off, the slime that was in there was very minimal. Use proper tire pressure.

    I am on my third tire, Vega 1060 miles with slime, Hoosier A40 slick 528 without slime and now another Hoosier D30A treaded tire without slime.

    Have you found something in your tire? Inspect it completely, remove it and let the slime do the work.

  • @cmpridy I think it's more a case of bad luck with one tire than an issue with OW or FM. Without seeing the puncture and the object that created it, it's hard to tell why the slime failed. But there are certain areas on a tire, and certain types of damage where slime might not be enough, and you have to take the tire off and patch it, or replace the whole thing. I don't know exactly how FM's warranty works when it comes to tire punctures, but I agree that 200$ for replacing a 65$-ish tire is a bit steep.

    I purchased a Hoosier treaded tire and a local tire shop swapped it out for free, they scratched the rim a bit, in the process, so seeking out a go-kart place might get you better results. Here's a thread about alternative tires (still a work in progress) if you're interested in trying out a non-stock tire. So far everybody that's ventured outside of the stock Vega tire has been very happy with the results, might be something worth considering.

  • Just dump a bunch of green slime in the tire and pump it back up. I've put over 2k miles on mine

  • @J-Glide I agree. I did like half a can and wallah. Worked like a charm. The slim they inject is like water just trickled out here and there lol

    Either way I wouldn't blame a whole company for the fault of something that happens naturally with tires. They wear, they tear and they pop.

  • You popped the tire.. that's not poor performance. That's an accident..

  • Yep, riding on the correct psi can get you long mileage.
    The 2 times I had to change my tire was my own fault.
    psi went down gradually and wasn't aware it was too low.
    That's another benefit of slime. It maintain tire pressure too.

  • For the record I did have slime in it and always check the PSI before I ride, which I keep at 16.

  • This is a dumb post. Wahhh I popped my tire so I should get a new one for free wahhhh. God the little babies on here amaze me. man up and learn how to patch a tire yourself or spend 10 bucks and go to a gas station and have them do it. If you buy a bike and pop the tire do you demand that the company replace it? Don't blame a company and say the tire performance is poor because you have a hole in it and it is going flat like every tire in the world does.

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