Ok Dumbassess.... Time to get Real :) for Serious :)

  • Ok, we are all guilty, we get good at riding for awhile and we ride with less pads, and many no pads or no helmet. And that's basically how I had been riding lately. And how many accidents have you had. Probably if you ride responsibly Almost none... Right?
    I mean If i am paying attention I have basically NONE

    BUT last sunday i was out. I was going maybe 3mph, and I was trying to talk to someone who was walking away from me... yes it was a woman. And I thought i was clear of the speed bump in the parking lot of where I was. The speed bump was artificial.... like plastic/ smooth.

    So, here is what happened. This chick was walking away, part of the wheel. I dont know how much caught the end of the speed bump with was rounded and smoothed. And of course the rest of the area was paved. Basically the Onewheel just slipped out from underneath me and I face planted into the ground. Litterally my forehead and nose taking the brunt of the hit. It all happened so fast i didn't even have time to put my hands out to stop the fall.

    I ended up with some small cuts on my nose (i was wearing large sunglasses) and some bleeding and a concussion. Dizzy, and seeing double for 2 days. Had to cover 1 eye to drive home.... prednisone got rid of the inflammation around my eyes, took care of the seeing double. It appears i did not die from subdermal hematoma. And the regular pain part is over. But, my caution to you, my friends, is, its not the obvious, especially with the plus, at 19 mph. Which is fast. ITs not what we know. That you should fear. Its the stupid little things, that we DON"T know, that can get you... and frankly could have been deadly. Put on your freaking helmet. For the shit you can't think of.

    You have been warned. :) back to your regularly Boring Lives :) ✌️

  • Yeah... the condition of my wife not whooping my ass when I ordered the OW+ was a promise that I'd wear a helmet with it. I'm going to hate the fuck out of the transitional period... but I'm past due a catastrophic accident.

  • It really is the right thing to do. honestly, if you get the right helmet, you don't look stupid.

    I am just going to wear my wrist guards and helmet, unless i am doing super ruff terrain and then put on the knees and elbows. Sometimes i wear knee supports, just wraps, they just help with the ruff hits and keeping the tendons from getting stretched for no reason. :) with all the stupid meds 'I'm on.

  • Helmet is a must!.. Can deal with possible broken bones and scrapes/bruises but brain damage ain't no joke.. impact shorts are very useful if your just learning or go on rough terrain a lot as they literally will save your ass lol.. elbow pads haven't done much to stop me from getting hurt unfortunately.. no scrapes but the impact leaves the area really sore and feeling just as bad if not worse then not wearing due to bulkiness of pad/tightness around elbow.. and knee pads are too restrictive for nomal riding causing my feet to hurt way faster.. maybe my pads just suck but I never leave the house without a helmet.

    I'm not saying don't wear any of these things as your mileage may vary and they can stop you from really getting banged up but those are my experiences with protective gear.. Still use them for off road/park riding mostly .. hip and shoulder seems to be first to hit the ground 99% of the time followed by your hands trying to break your fall.. wrist guards help there.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL that's what you get for trying to talk to chicks, you should no better by now!

  • I actually have a full face helmet waiting for my + lol.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I can't believe you didn't even have time to catch yourself... Crazy... I almost always wear a helmet but I've not worn one on rare occasions... I agree its when you don't expect it. My last fall was just getting on the board. Some how it malfuntioned and went out from under me. I know that because after I fell I pushed the board and it moved freely while the light was on. Anyway, I was putting my wrist gaurd on at the time and I fell before I could get the fucking thing on. My wrist was sore for a few weeks on that one. Wear your helmet and wrist guards people!

    Do you think the helmet would helped your face and nose from getting hurt? @Aaron-Broward-FL I always wonder if the front of the helmet would do any good...

  • @s2kboy said in Ok Dumbassess.... Time to get Real :) for Serious :):

    I actually have a full face helmet waiting for my + lol.

    That's what I'm thinking. I wear wrists & helmet at minimum, but was flying through a real narrow enclosed sidewalk passage last night, low vis, and it got bumpy, thought wow if I bailed in here I could hit my face on anything.

  • @jordo You are 100% correct sir.. I have decided no more chicks, they mess shit up, and they give you shit when you want to buy new one wheels and guitars..

    Why do you need them anyway, after the first couple months they stop with the good BJ's well, most do... I'm seeing these new sex dolls and VR goggles.. and I'm thinking this is the way to go. :)

    No Lip, no fuss. AND never sleep in the wet spot again. :)

  • Instantly inspired me to upgrade to full face BMX. Thanks @Aaron-Broward-FL @s2kboy

  • @MichaelW

    I got the Bern helmet with the Lip on it. So, for sure it would have guarded against the direct impact that I took. The end of my nose, which is all cartilage would have gotten scraped.

    The brain would have still taken a shock inside the cavity, but not as severe. As some of the force would have dissipated around the helmet as designed.

    I think the wrist guards are the most essential. Because I have learned how to fall off these things well. Especially on grass when (not weed, grass) when you hit a hidden ditch, i fly and roll onto my back lessening the impact. Works well for me. But, the instinct to use your wrist is hard to stop and there are lots of little tiny bones that are painful and hard to replace. So other than major head injury, torn major tendon, or something like that the Wrist is just about the worst thing you could screw up.

    I wear those the most. But, this incident got me to wear the head again. Now that I have one for my son, we go out all the time looking for challenges. At our. Local parks, This morning was the hardest yet, natural tree preserve park with thick roots and natural trails. Many impassable. But some were a lot of fun. We had may wheel spin outs trying to manuver around these things with like less than an inch of clearance... It was a major workout, but so much fun. I can't even describe how much i love my onewheel experience and how much i love sharing it with my son. And how baffled people are that I want to ride it and let him ride it.

    my favortite 2 things to do are 1. Go fast and feel like your flying with the wind through your hair and 2 navigate those tuff trails with crazy tree roots trying to be super precise challenging yourself. I'm lucky to live in florida with great weather all the time and a good parks system.
    And I"m lucky to have a great kid who is up for just about anything :) and damn can this kid through a football, we started getting ready for the season today (flag) i swear i thought he bruised my stomach... it was Red, where he kept nailing it in warm ups. He is 10...

    I broke down and ordered the Plus. Mostly because he is able to do things. I can't because of his weigh. This will even the playin field. But, destroy the batt-trey fiel. :)

  • In the first week of owning the ow I got a few bumps and bruises lol.. was going over a bridge that had a metal guard rail.. I think to myself it would suck to hit that.. well, half way over my foot moved off the sensor and I taco'ed myself on the guard rail 😲

  • When starting out I banged up and cut both ankles falling off or failing a dismount. That doesn't happened anymore but after having to bail from pushback on Classic mode, I fear accelerating. I wear a helmet but that's it.

  • @grinmoure My ankles were a wreck the first couple of months I owned my Onewheel, due to horrible dismount attempts. Always seemed to smack my ankle in the same spot every time.

  • It seems to me that not wearing safety gear solely in the name of vanity or not looking "cool" enough is a recipe for disaster. Nobody cares how cool you looked when you're eating through a straw.

  • @thegreck yeah the sandpaper didn't help either. I think I scarred one ankle by re-injuring it a few times, re-opening the scab lol

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL

    Very sorry that happened, your were lucky to not get hurt worse. I fell at low speed and it happened so quickly I also didn't have a chance to use my hands to break my fall, that part was extremely scary, still hard to believe. I was wearing a helmet, I hit my face and somehow only hit my upper lip, my teeth were aching for days, I'm lucky I didn't knock them out. I was also very lucky.

    I strongly recommend a full face helmet, I feel much, much safer.

    With the OneWheel+ at top speed and a nosedive, you're not going to run it out, you are going down hard and better have a helmet, with a full face helmet you can keep your face pretty and your teeth in your mouth. More speed will mean more serious injuries, I'm glad I learned on a v1. I feel sorry for a newbie loosing it at 19 mph.

    Since that accident I haven't had a fall, it's been months, I'm starting to get cocky again, but eventually, sooner or later, inevitably, there will be something I don't see, for whatever reason, and I will fall, guaranteed.

  • @dalisdair Embrace the falls, my friend. They remind me I'm human.

    As for the Full-Face helmet, I too have been thinking about getting one. Not sure how I feel about the Ruroc or the Triple Eight.... The problem is choosing the right one!

  • @slydogstroh whoa the ruroc black chrome is sweet but 515 bucks Canadian! Are these for winter sports though? They would get super hot in th summer no?

  • @slydogstroh

    I have a Fox BMX helmet and I like it a lot, but it has no visor, so something could still puncture my face.

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