Ok Dumbassess.... Time to get Real :) for Serious :)

  • When starting out I banged up and cut both ankles falling off or failing a dismount. That doesn't happened anymore but after having to bail from pushback on Classic mode, I fear accelerating. I wear a helmet but that's it.

  • @grinmoure My ankles were a wreck the first couple of months I owned my Onewheel, due to horrible dismount attempts. Always seemed to smack my ankle in the same spot every time.

  • It seems to me that not wearing safety gear solely in the name of vanity or not looking "cool" enough is a recipe for disaster. Nobody cares how cool you looked when you're eating through a straw.

  • @thegreck yeah the sandpaper didn't help either. I think I scarred one ankle by re-injuring it a few times, re-opening the scab lol

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL

    Very sorry that happened, your were lucky to not get hurt worse. I fell at low speed and it happened so quickly I also didn't have a chance to use my hands to break my fall, that part was extremely scary, still hard to believe. I was wearing a helmet, I hit my face and somehow only hit my upper lip, my teeth were aching for days, I'm lucky I didn't knock them out. I was also very lucky.

    I strongly recommend a full face helmet, I feel much, much safer.

    With the OneWheel+ at top speed and a nosedive, you're not going to run it out, you are going down hard and better have a helmet, with a full face helmet you can keep your face pretty and your teeth in your mouth. More speed will mean more serious injuries, I'm glad I learned on a v1. I feel sorry for a newbie loosing it at 19 mph.

    Since that accident I haven't had a fall, it's been months, I'm starting to get cocky again, but eventually, sooner or later, inevitably, there will be something I don't see, for whatever reason, and I will fall, guaranteed.

  • @dalisdair Embrace the falls, my friend. They remind me I'm human.

    As for the Full-Face helmet, I too have been thinking about getting one. Not sure how I feel about the Ruroc or the Triple Eight.... The problem is choosing the right one!

  • @slydogstroh whoa the ruroc black chrome is sweet but 515 bucks Canadian! Are these for winter sports though? They would get super hot in th summer no?

  • @slydogstroh

    I have a Fox BMX helmet and I like it a lot, but it has no visor, so something could still puncture my face.

  • @dalisdair I have actually thought about getting and especially for my son having him use a heavy mouth guard that way if I did dive, at least my Teeth would be protected. Like an ice hockey piece. I really don't want to ride with a face guard.. But you can actually do some fun customizing on mouth pieces.

    And I totally agree it could have been much worse. I was lucky. Also i have become very good at falling.

    I am also a bit of a disabled person i have. Multiple back fusions. And several pain conditions. I"m on heavy anti inflammatoires, pain meds (non narcotic) muscle relaxers, and such due to my condititions.. and if anyone wants to call me a wus, I dropped 10 kidney stones in the last 3 years.... So, I probably didnt' feel 100% of the brunt of the bad parts due to what i already take for the shit i go through on a daily basis as it is. But I have been in constant pain since 1998. So... Shit is. What shit is man.....

  • My OW+ is on order (order #83xx), but I set foot for the fist time on a first-gen OW yesterday at work on a friend's. I've got plenty of history snow skiing, wake boarding, some snow boarding, some kite boarding.. But those brief seconds on the OW got my senses on edge. Wow, you are higher in the air than I imagined. Kinda scary with just my 10 second ride.

    I'm as determined as ever, but I have changed my mindset as far as protection gear.

    I was going to get a skateboard helmet, but now I have my eye on the Bell Sanction (full-face) BMX helmet. I've already got wrist guards but also plan on elbow and knee pads.

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