Crash reports: traffic

  • A thread for any crashes related to traffic or interaction with other vehicles.

    Tonight I was wrapping up the second half of my longest OW point-to-point journey and got hit by a car a few blocks from my place. I'm fine but wanted to brain dump it real quick in case someone else can learn from it.
    Gear: OW V1 Extreme /w lights on, bike helmet, hi viz Icon vest, bike backpack, wrist guards, light on helmet, light on backpack.
    Where: 11pm at a busy and very well lit intersection in downtown St Louis.
    Lesson: Green lights, and waiting your turn, is only safe if you are in a car.

    I had a green walk signal to cross a big four lane street and was doing so. Halfway across, the SUV in the first lane entered the crosswalk, too close, but I knew I'd get by. Cars had been crosswalk checking me all night, I was almost used to it. But there was another SUV hidden to the right of the first one that almost hit me, and this one wanted to turn right on red without stopping. Dressing like a traffic cone doesn't matter if there's another car that can't be seen. By the time we saw each other I was on the hood of his SUV and then on my back. Since I was knocked clear of onewheel it shut down. I had all my safety stuff on and was fine. I got up and pointed at my green walk signal. I was pissed but I don't fraternize with armed murderers. OW was ok, no reboot needed, and it got me home.

    I don't think crosswalk signals mean much anymore because pedestrians will cross no matter what color it is and drivers will turn right on red at speed. My trip was over ten miles and probably a half dozen times I'd be crossing on a green and a car would park in the crosswalk like they own it. So by the time I got hit I was hardly surprised. It actually seemed like getting hit by a SUV would be better then getting hit by a small car since the huge SUV distributed the force more evenly across me.

  • @Poseur-Pete glad your OK.. I had a similar situation yesterday with 2 separate cars all within 20 mins of each other.. one blew the stop sign right next to a school and turned right as I was in the middle of the crosswalk.. 1 more foot and the jagoff would of hit me.. the second occurrence was at a walgreens.. was crossing the entrance to the parking lot on the sidewalk and this lady just speeds up and turns into lot trying to beat me? I don't know what the hell she was thinking but that time I wasn't so lucky.. I stopped so fast the bottom scraped but I was able to stop and come off the board before I slammed into the side of her SUV.. didn't even have the decency to make sure I was OK.. just sped off.. hope I dented the hell out of her car.. my arm is so damn sore from trying to break the impact I can't lift anything right now..
    This is exactly the reason I always go out with my gopro attached and recording.. too many close calls and assholes around here to take chances.. first 70 degree day since winter hit and now I'm bummed I'm stuck indoors again.

  • @GlueBreath That stinks. It is tough out there. Yesterday was a great day, but that guy really could have killed me and it bummed me out. Luckily it was just a wake up call, I went boarding this morning and will probably again tonight. Excelsior!

    I totally have to rock my GoPro now. I got a Session5 for a school project. Do you use a special rig or just stick it on a helmet?

  • @Poseur-Pete yeah I'm not letting that ruin my fun just sucks losing a nice day due to injury lol.. I'm trying to get about (4) 5 mile sessions in per day while the weather lasts.. my range is back up to 5-6miles compared to just the 3miles I was getting during the cold winter so I'm pretty happy about that.

    As far as mounting my gopro(hero4 silver) I have figured out that clamping it on anyway to the onewheel just doesn't work very well... Way too much vibration causes it to move around or makes the video pretty much unusable.. helmet mounting worked OK if you don't mind looking like a dork.. but one word of caution it will fly off the helmet if you fall.. the best I have found so far for me at least is a backpack shoulder strap mount.. hands free and very stable.. I have the official GoPro backpack so it has like 3 different built in mounts but I'm sure you can make something similar for half the cost.. I got a deal on mine.

  • I used to think that the people driving a little bit swervey in the middle of the day were just old, tired, or not paying attention. Then my work taught me that many of these nice people, they're actually probably quite shitfaced even if it's 10am. Combine that with the lawful or unlawful driving distractions of the modern world and being 11pm, whether "right on red" is legal where you live or not... you're basically begging to be vehicular manslaughtered. The problem is that even if the vehicles are looking for pedestrians, they aren't expecting you to move much faster than an actual PED-estrian because they don't see a bicycle between your legs, traffic cone costume or not.

    I think you're better off to just avoid busy intersections at night. Cross in the middle of the street when the opportunity presents. You only have to worry about pretending you're invisible to the traffic coming from two directions instead of four and it comes at you straight and predictable. Use the pedestrian ramps at the intersections to insert yourself into and out of traffic lanes.

    Jaywalking laws were lobbied for by auto manufacturers to shift the blame for pedestrian injuries and fatalities from the drivers to the victims. If any dickhead cops try to give you shit you can just explain that you are only trying to protect your own safety. Most of them are pretty reasonable late at night if you're one of the few sober(ish) people they have to deal with. If you get a ticket, fight it if you can. If you can't get to court because reasons, chalk it up on your safety gear budget. Sometimes you have to break the stupid rules. Such is life.

  • Riding this thing in traffic is super sketchy. I just assume cars will never look into the crosswalk if they're turning (they rarely do) and assume they will cut off the bike lane to make a turn as well.

    Just be uber defensive around cars & buses.

  • From what I've seen and read I'd say keeping off the streets where cars share the road would be a wise idea period.

  • I got hit at an intersection in pretty much the exact same way as @Poseur-Pete . The only big difference was that the intersection I was at was completely empty and I thought 100% for sure that the only car approaching saw me. I had the walk signal and even slowed down when I saw the car approaching. I saw them hit their brakes and start slowing down so I continued on. Then out of no where she decided to speed up and take the right turn on red at 15 - 20 mph which meant I was now in her way. I bounced off of her hood and she didn't even slow down. My guess is that she was drunk/texting/not paying attention... I'm sure I left a mark on her hood and was 3 feet from her face and she was clueless... either that or she's a shitty hitman

  • Its like my dad always says around cars pretend your invisible and always expect someone to do something stupid because about one in 50 times they will. Glad your ok bro @Poseur-Pete

  • Rainy Commute in Downtown Chicago Traffic:

    I haven't died yet so.... that's a positive.

  • @slydogstroh Scary!

  • @thegreck I take these streets every day on my commute. Needless to say I was in rare form yesterday and decided to go all out. :p

    Gloves and Helmet are on every time I ride. Although... if a car does run over me I doubt it would matter too much.

  • About 10mins ago I had a green walk signal on a four lane street its 3o clock so no vision problems, this person couldn't put her phone down or see a red light, she was probably a couple inches away from me I yelled wtf she started screaming and flipped me off, next thing I know this biker dude goes by on a Harley and smashed her mirror. He found me a couple mins ago and told me that he was glad I dident get hurt. We need more people like that. Less stupid people staring at their phones.

  • @OffRoadOW I found that when I started riding a Onewheel and had to be ultra-aware of my surroundings, it made me hate those types of people even more. They're controlling a ton of metal and can't even take the time to look up from their fucking phones.

  • I was riding here in SF last weekend at 18+mph, when a guy clipped me hard with his side mirror going probably 25-28. I sort of spun and fell backwards against his car before tumbling to a stop. In the process he managed to run over the very edge of my foot. Thanks to my PPE, the only result was a scrached helmet, some torn fabric on my gloves / backpack / jacket, a badly bruised pinky toe, and a hoarse voice from yelling at the guy for a few minutes.

    The board is fine other than some scratches.

    Wear a helmet guys. It has already saved my life / saved me from serious injury 3 times in 1500 miles.

  • @skylarmb that is awful! Sounds like you were lucky all things considered, glad to hear you were padded up!

  • Yep, moved to the Bay Area (from the Isle of Man, UK), Commute to SanFrancisco daily with OW+.

    Cars take very little notice of crossings here, even if there is a light for you.

    The ones that want to turn right on red.. really want to turn right on red. If you are walking or on the OW, they see you as a pain in the arse.

    I have been waved across by a guy in a car that had stopped, only to have to stop as a car in the next lane didnt stop. This is on a zebra crossing.

    Not much you can do except cross with extream care.

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