Crash reports: traffic

  • I got hit at an intersection in pretty much the exact same way as @Poseur-Pete . The only big difference was that the intersection I was at was completely empty and I thought 100% for sure that the only car approaching saw me. I had the walk signal and even slowed down when I saw the car approaching. I saw them hit their brakes and start slowing down so I continued on. Then out of no where she decided to speed up and take the right turn on red at 15 - 20 mph which meant I was now in her way. I bounced off of her hood and she didn't even slow down. My guess is that she was drunk/texting/not paying attention... I'm sure I left a mark on her hood and was 3 feet from her face and she was clueless... either that or she's a shitty hitman

  • Its like my dad always says around cars pretend your invisible and always expect someone to do something stupid because about one in 50 times they will. Glad your ok bro @Poseur-Pete

  • Rainy Commute in Downtown Chicago Traffic:

    I haven't died yet so.... that's a positive.

  • @slydogstroh Scary!

  • @thegreck I take these streets every day on my commute. Needless to say I was in rare form yesterday and decided to go all out. :p

    Gloves and Helmet are on every time I ride. Although... if a car does run over me I doubt it would matter too much.

  • About 10mins ago I had a green walk signal on a four lane street its 3o clock so no vision problems, this person couldn't put her phone down or see a red light, she was probably a couple inches away from me I yelled wtf she started screaming and flipped me off, next thing I know this biker dude goes by on a Harley and smashed her mirror. He found me a couple mins ago and told me that he was glad I dident get hurt. We need more people like that. Less stupid people staring at their phones.

  • @OffRoadOW I found that when I started riding a Onewheel and had to be ultra-aware of my surroundings, it made me hate those types of people even more. They're controlling a ton of metal and can't even take the time to look up from their fucking phones.

  • I was riding here in SF last weekend at 18+mph, when a guy clipped me hard with his side mirror going probably 25-28. I sort of spun and fell backwards against his car before tumbling to a stop. In the process he managed to run over the very edge of my foot. Thanks to my PPE, the only result was a scrached helmet, some torn fabric on my gloves / backpack / jacket, a badly bruised pinky toe, and a hoarse voice from yelling at the guy for a few minutes.

    The board is fine other than some scratches.

    Wear a helmet guys. It has already saved my life / saved me from serious injury 3 times in 1500 miles.

  • @skylarmb that is awful! Sounds like you were lucky all things considered, glad to hear you were padded up!

  • Yep, moved to the Bay Area (from the Isle of Man, UK), Commute to SanFrancisco daily with OW+.

    Cars take very little notice of crossings here, even if there is a light for you.

    The ones that want to turn right on red.. really want to turn right on red. If you are walking or on the OW, they see you as a pain in the arse.

    I have been waved across by a guy in a car that had stopped, only to have to stop as a car in the next lane didnt stop. This is on a zebra crossing.

    Not much you can do except cross with extream care.

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