"Tune up and Reload Pack" experience

  • I just got my 900 miler OW back from Future Motion after 2 months without it. I originally sent it in to get a few problems fixed. The board had shut completely off a few times after bumpy transitions or low speed tumble/dismounts. Also the shaping and light modes were changing on their own. Unfortunately, the lifetime odometer reset. They extensively tested it but failed to demonstrate the problems i described. They offered that I may purchase a new controller, which I turned down. I did have them Install new pads, bumpers and a tire. When I got my OG OW back yesterday, I noticed how much it felt like a Cadillac. Stable, sure-footed, and smooth. BUUUT...at higher speeds there's a noticeable wobble. Feels like the wheel is not balanced. It's not super bad, but annoying. I'm hoping this will go away. Maybe it's an uneven distribution of gelatinous Slime inside the tire. Anyone else experience this after a factory tire change?

  • Maybe the wobble occurs because you haven't ridden in 2 months? I know I wobbled a lot when I started to ride the OW...

  • No, because I've been riding another one while OG got fixed. I'll ride it top spped again today to see if it's still there.

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