Anyone had charger issues?

  • Curious how long it took to get your warranty replacement if anyone had to send their charger in for issues?
    Sent mine in a week ago and was told they will let me know once they receive and test it to make sure it's covered..... I've had it for a month and a half and I live in WI so it's been too cold to ride so I haven't used it even close to as much as I plan to which is a little unsettling.
    Plugged it in and it started charging as normal, walked away came back an hour later and the light was off completely with no change in my battery level. Better be a fluke, let's hear any other stories.

  • I had a charger break on me after a month of owning my 2nd OW. They sent me a shipping label and I had a new charger within about 7 days. I'm in CA though so that probably helped with shipping times.

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