The worst Onewheel (DNY)

  • youngest brothers onewheel - an applicant for the worst onewheel in the world!

    2240km, still the first tire and pads, leaking nearly all air after around 1 hour, mulptiple cracked fender, but still works very good - never had any issues.


    it is in amazing condition!;-)




    he uses the board for every day (&night) transport and he doesn´t care about anything like cleaning or servicing. nothing from the original board has been changed - only once he had a weak/compassionate day and spend his board a new carbon foil wrap.

    @Jimmers75: I know your heart is going to bleed as mine is doing, but sorry to say - this board is the one that i bought from you in good condition nearly exactly 1 year ago...;-)!

  • Haha!

    Love it... that's how they are supposed to look Okay maybe not quite that, but occasionally I've been quite proud when mine looked a little bit like that.. but then it does get a clean down....

    Oops..... and that ones a Jimmers75 board too :)

  • @Zen.Potatoes said in The worst Onewheel (DNY):

    Oops..... and that ones a Jimmers75 board too :)

    he should think about doing a background check first on potential buyers to make sure they get a better home;-)

  • If they had OneWheels in The Walking Dead, it'd look like this

  • A logical person would think that, but no. It'd look closer to new on that show.

  • Hahaha, and I thought I had to clean my OW more often

  • @No Onewheel - my zombie apocalypse board!
    Rides over anything and built like a tank :p

  • That thing looks like it would be sitting out behind a dive bar next to the dumpster and the grease tank. You need Fabulouso son.

  • This is a great example of just getting out and riding. Love it! I will relax a bit on keeping mine so clean I guess..

  • @cr4p

    Rode hard and put away wet...then evicted, kicked down the stairs, set on fire, gang banged by a horde of wild dogs, and left to die by the side of the road...but not before falling off the wagon, mainlining meth, contracting syphilis from dirty needles, passing out behind a dumpster, being mistaken for trash and buried in a landfill, and clawing her way through 30 feet of trash to freedom only to begin corresponding with a prison inmate and marrying an abusive felon on parole. All things considered, I'd say she held up pretty well.

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