airport rules?

  • I read from the onewheel blog that it was ridden through the airport and that it fits as a carryon. I just wanted to know if this was true or meant as a joke. Has anyone tried to ride the onewheel through the airport and will it fit as a carryon or has to be checked in as a baggage? I'm taking a vacation soon to Portland and wanted to make sure I can carry this on with me if possible on a Southwest flight.

  • So I can officially report to you that... riding through airport....Uh... good luck with that and...
    get on airplane. Do a search and the answer is.... well maybe.

    However, I can also officially report that I have the people that can fix this for future motion. And I actually finally got a hold of them to tell them that. Waiting on a phone call back to see if they want to hire them. Without going into to much detail i have been doing this sort of thing for a living for 18 years. Currently i am working inside of government, but i have a couple of friends that 1 just left one of the most powerful people in DC and another who left a senior post at the TSA, so I was going to reccomend they hire them work something out. And I guarantee its way cheaper than whatever high priced DC law firm they come up with. Cause, I know what I'm doing :)
    Of course probably would have been even cheaper if they listened to me last year.. . But, hey.... that's their fault.

  • Last airline I took they ban hoverboard to be on carryon. I would believe they would categorize OW as "hoverboard"

  • Explain to TSA that you are going to have your board upright between your legs for the whole flight with the power off and this zip tied to the frame. They may bump you up to First Class.

  • Delta says no.

  • @CarvingUphillAVL It would be good if we could get more people to post their findings from other Airlines, Thank you

    Also, If you know exactly where you are going to be, search for One wheel providers in the area you are flying to.

  • Just tried it on a southwest flight out of Denver and got denied. I was able to bring it to Denver on a southwest flight out of Philly so it really is a crapshoot and depends on who the TSA agent is and what kind of mood they are in. If you want to bring it with you just give yourself plenty of time like I did in case they don't let you bring it on the plane and then you can just mail it to yourself. I was able to get it boxed and shipped from Denver to Philly for $67 and it should be back to me in the next 2 days so overall it really was worth it in my opinion.

  • The board would have to have a disconnect-able battery to be brought, like the powered wheelchair the battery must be disconnected and terminals insulated. However, if the employee doesn’t know then you may get away with bringing it with you.

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