Thoughts on helmets

  • @iiikz thanks; I ordered one of the POC Cranes from OW and it does seem very comfortable

  • Lots of good suggestions everyone, thanks for the input!

  • What do you guys think of this helmet?


  • @Snurfer they have it in any other colors besides white?

    EDIT: THERE IT IS! (you forgot the link at first) Sneaky edit!

    I am not a big fan. It looks like a bike helmet. Generally, a boardsport helmet is solid, without all the air vents. That said, personal taste, man. The only practical thing I'd say is that a lot of helmets made for board sports actually come down a little further in the back, to protect more of the back of your skull, which is a more likely fall when boarding than when biking. Not all do, though. Many come down to the same point as that bike helmet.

  • @sidebox Great points about the coverage! I have a badass snowboard helmet I'm thinking about using in the winter/fall, but still iffy about that. I'm looking for a good warm weather helmet. The search continues!

  • @northwallace said in Thoughts on helmets:

    Bern for life. The built in visor helps so much for face slams. Affordable and built for smacks.

    Customer service is top notch as well. Couldn't be more happy, I own a solid visor as well as a soft visor helmet.

    i can only confirm that - have the same model and also love it.

  • +1 on the S1 helmet. The multiple inserts they include for exact sizing are key. Also, and I'm sure others will disagree with me on this, I find that the impact you might get to your head when ramp skating or riding a BMX bike are much greater than the ones you tend to get when you wreck on a Onewheel. I've fallen off a total of 3 times where my head actually hit the pavement, and it was basically just a tap as I rolled, due to the differences in the type of fall you usually have on a OW vs a skateboard. Always glad I was wearing a helmet, because even a tap of your skull on asphalt can really hurt and even give you a concussion. But at least you can continue to use the same helmet, whereas if you get into a wreck on a bike, you usually have to buy a new helmet.

    But I feel like most every fall people have on a Onewheel is when they're moving forward, so you're more likely to half-run it out and then roll, unlike a skateboard, which can fly out from under you and make you fall backwards, directly onto your head.

  • @slydogstroh Did you ever get the Predator FR7? I had the Predator Shiznit, and I loved it. I unfortunately lost it recently, and I think I am just going to order another one.

  • @goodblake-eskate Nope... I've been slackin on ordering a new helmet until my tax return comes in.

  • I would not get a Bicycle helmet because you crash much harder and more times on a onewheel the foam in certified Helmets is way to hard get a downhill or dirt bike helmet

  • When i fell i think i hit my jaw as well. Wish it was protected as well as it hurts for the last week. But also do i really need a full helmet? I have seen ones that convert....

  • S1 Lifer. Comfortable fit. Knock on wood but I haven't tested the safety of the helmet. Riding without a helmet you are fCing n*ts !

  • Predator fr7 all the way for me. Very comfortable and reliable sizing chart. Took a hard fall last night trying to push the limits. Thanks to this helmet, I only sustained some road rash but I popped my head pretty hard on the pavement. The helmet has some minor scratches and the shell is well intact. I’m a neurosurgical physician assistant in a trauma center where I see and take care of head injuries everyday. This helmet legit SAVED my life because I’m sure I would have, at the very least, been in an ICU on a ventilator with a head bleed. I am very happy/fortunate I had this helmet. Nothing but praise in this corner. Professional opinion, If you don’t have a helmet yet...GET ONE! Make sure it’s dual certified or MIPS for maximum protection. Enjoy the ride and arrive alive.

    If you have some time to kill, check out this video. It will give you some insight on the importance of a helmet when traveling at these speeds.


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