Thoughts on helmets

  • When i fell i think i hit my jaw as well. Wish it was protected as well as it hurts for the last week. But also do i really need a full helmet? I have seen ones that convert....

  • S1 Lifer. Comfortable fit. Knock on wood but I haven't tested the safety of the helmet. Riding without a helmet you are fCing n*ts !

  • Predator fr7 all the way for me. Very comfortable and reliable sizing chart. Took a hard fall last night trying to push the limits. Thanks to this helmet, I only sustained some road rash but I popped my head pretty hard on the pavement. The helmet has some minor scratches and the shell is well intact. I’m a neurosurgical physician assistant in a trauma center where I see and take care of head injuries everyday. This helmet legit SAVED my life because I’m sure I would have, at the very least, been in an ICU on a ventilator with a head bleed. I am very happy/fortunate I had this helmet. Nothing but praise in this corner. Professional opinion, If you don’t have a helmet yet...GET ONE! Make sure it’s dual certified or MIPS for maximum protection. Enjoy the ride and arrive alive.

    If you have some time to kill, check out this video. It will give you some insight on the importance of a helmet when traveling at these speeds.


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