Riding tips for beginners

  • So I've seen quite a few posts from new riders and soon to be Onewheel owners about riding techniques, protective equipment, etc... Which brings me to this topic. Things I would have told myself the day my Onewheel arrived. Please feel free to add to this topic!!

    Mounting the board (giggity)
    One end of the board naturally rests on the ground. Make sure you get on the board with your back foot on the end that's on the ground. You would be surprised how many people I see violating this seemingly obvious tip. Gently rock the board to a level and neutral position and the motor will engage smoothly. FYI... Sometimes even on the most perfect mounting stance the board will just randomly cut out and dump you off of the front

    Shaping modes
    Ignore classic mode unless you want to practice wiping out. Use elevated for off road or steep terrain and extreme for road trips. Don't let the name extreme throw you. They should just call it Normal

    Don't try and accelerate too quickly. If you're not able to read the feel of the board, take it easy. It's very easy to get confident and immediately try to push the boards limits before you even have an idea of where those limits are

    Stay loose (giggity). You should not be sore after a ride unless it is a very demanding off road trail or your battery died. Think "spongey" when referring to how your legs feel. Keep your feet in the middle of the footpad and parallel to the wheel (especially with V1). Don't point your feet toward the front of the board or ride on the toes of your back foot.

    Pay attention. It's nice to ride with headphones in and music blasting but be aware of your surroundings. People aren't expecting to see a pedestrian on a magic board ("is that electric?") flying through the streets. Assume they don't see you and get out of the way.

    Max speed
    I've seen some ridiculous reported max speeds from Onewheel Buddy (oh yeah, buy the Onewheel Buddy app) but don't make it a habit of trying to constantly beat your high score (mine is 19.6mph currently). The speed will come naturally and you'll know how fast you're going without the assistance of an app or a roadside radar sign

    Safety gear
    I'm really bad about this one... Do as I say, not as I do. Wear safety equipment. I would have fewer scars and more time riding my Onewheel

    I'm sure I'll think of more but that's a good start. I'll edit this post if others provide some good tips (giggity)

  • @jordo Yes I figured this has already been discussed but wanted to bring up again

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