iOS App to show stats etc

  • I can't seem to find the area that shows stats in the iPhone app? I have seen screen shots in these forums showing MPH, distance traveled etc. When in the app, i can see the settings for stats (ie - metric) and i can check battery level, change mode. But where do i check the stats?

    Sorry if this is an obvious thing. I am going to feel silly if it is right in front of my nose.

    FOLLOWUP: I checked again, none of the stats are updating on the "settings" page. I think this is where they are displayed. Also, i can not stay connected to my OW over bluetooth unless my phone is very close. Should it stay connected while riding with my phone in my short's pocket?

  • I've not had a problem with staying connected to my phone while riding.

  • @Franky thanks. i thought it was odd. not sure why it does not stay connected unless very close. using an iphone 5s with latest 9.X iOS. No issues with all of my other bluetooth devices.

  • Mine doesn't stay connected while riding.. Future motion said to me that's not right.. But couldn't fix it.. I tried un-installing and re-installing but nothing.. The "setting" screen is the screen you want..

  • njcustom said:

    Mine doesn't stay connected while riding..


  • Did a test today. If the OW is plugged in and charging.. my iPhone stays connected from far away.. but when not plugged into the charger.. i have to be around 2 feet from the board or the app disconnects.. so i can't get any trip statistics. Strange one.

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