A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?

  • @goodblake-eskate said in A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?:

    OW+ (never seen a OW in person) has been sitting at a FedEx facility next to the airport for over 24hrs now; however I am unable to pick it up from this location. They just say it is still expected to be delivered on schedule which is Thurs by 8pm. Frustrating that it is sitting 30 mins away for 3 days, but still I wait, impatiently :)

    I live in Brookhaven so not far away. I'm currently waiting on my OW+....that sucks that yours has just been sitting there. I was worried that all the crap with the I-85 bridge would delay shipping but mine just got bumped up from Thursday delivery to tomorrow so I'm pretty psyched!

  • @CBR-954rr Yeah you are right down the street. I have a condo next to all the buckhead bars and work in the Pinnacle building next to Lenox.
    That's great news about your delivery day being bumped to tomorrow. Hopefully the same will happen for mine! I assume yours is sitting in Ellenwood too? While googling if I could pick up from this location, I saw a bunch of horror stories about people's packages sitting at this location for weeks before being delivered. :/
    We will have to meet in the middle somewhere once we are both have our boards and are able to make it that far. :)

  • @goodblake-eskate said in A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?:

    Pinnacle building next to Lenox

    Yeah, you're only a few miles away so definitely within range to meet up...with my V1 I was able to make the round trip to Lenox and back without charging. My board is currently sitting at the Kennesaw location...I wish I could just pick it up today since tomorrow is going to be non-stop severe thunderstorms...oh well...it will give me some time to install surf traction pads, NJ Custom's carbon fiber fender, and if I'm motivated enough I'll swap in the Hoosier tire as well.

  • @CBR-954rr Ahh so you are much more experienced with OWs than I am. I ride a electric skateboard everyday, but OWs will be completely new for me.

  • No known shipments yesterday?

  • I realy don't understand why they are saying "shipping may" when there is already 10500+ orders and if i am calculating this right the latest confirmed shipped is around 7350 +/- . So thats like 3200 orders (i get it not all of them are onewheel+) form witch is like 2000 ow+ sooo thats like every each day (even weekedns) 30 orders shipped and still it will take 66 days to full fill all the orders...i am not mad at all just confused 😂 I will be wating i think till june and I bought it on 4 of march

  • @Tomka I bought mine the same day as you so I'm in the same boat. I sent an email last Friday asking for a more realistic ship estimate since there seems to be no possible way it could ship in April (which it claimed on my order confirmation email). This is the response I got:

    Thank you for checking in. We are currently on track to have orders placed in early March shipped mid to late April into early May. We need to make sure that every board we ship offers the customer an unbelievable experience and accordingly we needed a few more weeks to uphold that standard.

    You can keep an eye out for a tracking notification and more updates within the next few weeks.

    Pumped for you to get your Onewheel+.

    Kind regards,

    Yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it.

  • @DustyBottoms thanks a lot for answer. They should hurry up if they want to really deliver on their promises. Sounds incredible, early may, but let see :D

  • This robust delivery schedule has to create an intensely frantic workplace environment.

  • The plus is so worth it!!!!! It's equivalent to riding a BMX bike and then upgrading to a carbon fiber mountain bike. It's hard to explain exactly how much smoother the ride is. I can tell you that after riding the trails around my house hundreds of times on the 1st version, and now on the second, I can tell a tremendous difference between the two. The plus races up hills that version one struggled to maintain 12 mph, and the winding sidewalks I always wanted to go just a bit faster on to feel like I was able to lean into the winding corners are now a carving leaning reality with absolute comfort and control. The stability at higher speeds is astronomically better. It truly feels like you're floating with absolute confidence. I can't wait until we all have them!

  • I was so pumped on Tuesday!! Orders going out and we were all super hyped!! Now....back to reality were there's nothing happening and anxiety kicks in!!! FML order#846x

  • @Magnus and you're still 1400 before me...

  • #72xx 4/03/17

  • Gah their mid-April shipping estimate was a lieeeeee. I'm sad. Can't wait anymore... order #80xx

  • FWIW they are vehemently denying they have supplied any retailers...I was told earlier this week to expect shipment in "7 to 10 business days." Order 78xx.

  • @e-ball that matches what I've heard from a few retailers. Retailers were initially told to expect shipments in March, but they have all been told they are delayed and won't receive until May. Now the question is, why? Were the retailers delayed because everything is delayed due to production issues, and all of us will even be after them in May? Or did FM delay retailers because they decided to prioritize preorders after seeing all the grumbling on here and FB? I hope it's the latter, but I'm worried it's the former.

  • @e-ball said in A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?:

    FWIW they are vehemently denying they have supplied any retailers...I was told earlier this week to expect shipment in "7 to 10 business days." Order 78xx.

    I have an order in with a local shop and they emailed yesterday to say they had another 4 week delay.

    @DustyBottoms Know of any retailer orders that have shipped?

  • @skyman88 @e-ball Yeah. I was going to go pick up a + at Fillipachi, here in NYC since they told me 2 weeks ago that FM told them they would supply them by 4/8. I didn't cancel my FM order 768X cause I don't believe anything FM says anymore. I called Filipachi today and they say they were told that the delivery date has been pushed back indefinitely. Awkward for them, because they are having a OW+ event on Sunday to benefit cancer research at their store. Also, clearly FM is blowing yet another self provided deadline when they told me late march- early april for my order to ship. Honestly, they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot. There is no need for them to keep overpromising, yet they keep doing it ad nauseam.

  • @skyman88 no, from what I've heard ALL retailers have been told they won't receive shipments until May.

    I know this looks like a missed commitment (which technically it is since it delayed retailers from March to May) but I really am starting to wonder if this is FMs attempt to prevent line jumping. They hear people grumbling, and some people mention on this forum that they will try to get one from a retailer and cancel their preorder. I get it, we are all impatient and I won't say I didn't think about it too (full confession - that's why I contacted some retailers and found this out), but it's a dick move. It allows someone who ordered late to jump the line and get their board ahead of people who ordered months ago. So to prevent that (and prevent all of us waiting from being PISSED that people can just buy from a dealer ahead of all of us that preordered) they may have decided to push back all the retail orders behind the preorders. I'm really hopeful that's the case.

  • @DustyBottoms I definitely think they are very aware of the optics if they supply retailers before their prized "founding" members have their boards. I believe they've just had production issues to address but are getting the pre-orders out first.

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