A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?

  • @blugamer44 said in A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?:

    Just got my shipping confirmation e-mail (Order #755X). Should have it by Tuesday!

    Good god! They might actually hit the target window they gave me his time! They're starting to cruise now. Went from 200 orders away to 100 in a couple of days. Either that, or a bunch of orders in this most recent range were non+ orders. Who cares, either way!

  • This is fantastic! They are really moving the orders now it seems. Hopefully that means I'll be getting mine this week. Also, be sure the shipping weight corresponds with the OneWheel weight to ensure it's not the fender.

  • does anyone know if local dealer/retailers that order boards will receive them later then from those who order directly from FM? i order from a local shop in little ton Colorado and its taking forever! i almost thinking about buying a V1!

  • @Podskii the local dealer I've been talking to said they were originally told 4/8 they would get their stock in. Then I checked in with them on 4/7 and they said FM told them at least several more weeks.

  • Just got my shipping confirmation, order 752X. 36.5lbs:). No idea where my fender is at though.

  • Just got notification that all Silver Members will have the boards by 5 May

  • Received this email from FM this morning:

    We are back in action and shipping more Onewheels into the world! We can assure you your Onewheel+ is now better, faster, and more awesome than ever before!
    We still aim to have all Founding Members riding before the end of this month. Most members will have their boards by April 14th with the last few members getting them by April 21st.
    We can't thank you enough for your patience. Won't be long until you are shredding on your new One+!

    Fingers crossed...

  • 752x on the way! Should get it by Friday! STOKED! Just got the email this morning.

  • 751* on its way, 4/14....got the email at 11:50on last night.

  • 756* shipped. 36.5lbs Should be here Friday as well.

  • 30 away. Hopefully more shipments to come this week.

  • 746* and still no notification... I sent FM an email but this is rather annoying

  • Order # 734*, Out For Delivery tomorrow afternoon, cannot wait to give it a first good run! Ordered first day of sale. My little hometown will now be home to not 1 but 2 Onewheels lol

  • #89xx haven’t herd anything

  • 754* no emails. I do however have my fender and bumpers that got shipped prior to the onewheel maybe that is somehow messing up their notification system? Can someone confirm if they got their bumper first and then also got a confirmation shipping on their onewheel?

  • @s2kboy I also received my bumper and fenders first so that delivered tracking number still shows up on my order summary. I have emailed them requesting an update and if I hear anything I will let you know. With all the bugs they have on shipping notifications saying "everything has shipped" or sending pioneer patches to billing addresses, I am hoping this is just another one of those bugs and it has in fact been shipped out.

  • @TimsterB123 So you got shipping confirmation for the onewheel+ separate to the bumper one you got?

  • @s2kboy No I have not. I am order 746* and have not received any notification for the plus...

  • @TimsterB123 I think we just found a bug in their system for them.

  • Removed tags... kept names.

    71xx 2/27/17 enjoi408
    71xx 2/26/17 no
    710x 3/02/17 braswell
    708x 3/21/17 loudeezy
    719x 3/21/17 JohnnyOnTheSpot
    717x 3/22/17 onewheeltrumpusa
    7171 3/25/17 njcustom
    716x 3/25/17 DCARSTENS
    722x 3/30/17 GlueBreath
    720x 3/30/17 pcorlatan
    720x 3/30/17 BallewBoard
    719x 3/30/17 Wrex
    7242 3/30/17 ctsiaki
    725x 3/30/17 mekon
    7268 3/30/17 ZeeMox
    728x 3/31/17 COKids
    727x 3/31/17 Snurfer
    7248 3/31/17 goodblake-eskate
    7274 3/31/17 CBR-954rr
    723x 3/31/17 local
    730x 4/03/17 duc809
    7304 4/03/17 aris
    7312 4/03/17 kbern
    7322 4/03/17 J-Glide
    7354 4/03/17 OWD
    73xx 4/03/17 luk4ken
    72xx 4/03/17 PowerWheel5000
    737x 4/07/17 Unknown FB
    7375 4/07/17 jefflynn
    738x 4/07/17 Wisconsin_53122
    7395 4/07/17 able303
    738x 4/07/17 ozob399
    7404 4/07/17 iiikz
    741x 4/07/17 Unknown on FB
    7430 4/08/17 Unknown on FB
    7445 4/08/17 Unknown on FB
    7454 4/08/17 Unknown on FB
    7479 4/08/17 Da Aviator
    7484 4/08/17 Unknown on FB
    7419 4/08/17 koncat
    741x 4/08/17 IceTank
    7462 4/08/17 nanjay83
    748x 4/09/17 @XR4ti sick car
    755x 4/10/17 blugamer44
    752x 4/10/17 cytoe
    752x 4/10/17 JP_81
    751x 4/10/17 squash
    756x 4/10/17 bgwily1
    734x 4/10/17 BradK

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