A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?

  • @Franky Yeah I ordered a couple hours after they opened it up for orders and still nothing yet. HOPEFULLY, FM will get a big batch out soon or has the decency to at least provide us with an update.

  • @goodblake-eskate can i ask you. Did you ever drive OW and if yes, what do you think is better (funnier) to drive OW or carbon GT . Was deciding between those two. (I know that the range its huge difference but i think 7 miles will be fine for me with 20 min charge)

  • @goodblake-eskate said:

    So I guess what I am trying to express is that eskate is so much more than just a fun thing to go out and do on the weekends. It literally changed my life.

    Same man. I'm young and broke, but my OW was the best investment of my life due to the Utility, Sport and extreme amounts of Fun I have every day. Although evolve looks great for the range, I think I'm a OW guy at heart for life. I live 5 miles from downtown Chicago, so the only real downside of range for me is that I just don't wanna get off the board when the battery dies! Once we get swappable batteries (maybe in the proper V2!?), all other boards won't even be on my radar.

    I didn't really have the money for the V2 but I got it anyway haha.
    When you really love something you don't just THINK about doing it. You just have to go for it.

  • @Tomka To be totally honest, I have never even seen a Onewheel in person. However, I expect that the OW+ will be more fun / playful do its ability to literally turn on the dime and more freestyle operations. The overall weight and lack of range will probably keep this from being my everyday board. Also as I have mentioned before, my dog loves riding around with me so I will probably use the Evolve anytime I am taking him with me.

    TODAY though would have been a perfect morning for the Onewheel (at least what I imagine). It rained last night so the ground was still a little wet and therefore prevented me from using the Evolve to commute to work. BUT I assume that this wouldn't be a problem with the OW+.

    I will have to do a more proper review once I get the OW+.

  • #974o... no notifications today...

  • #80XX I just received my shipping confirmation with fedex tracking #. I tracked it and it has shipped. It says delivery for Tuesday the 21st.

  • @ericmarshall would you check the weight of your package? It's possible they just shipped out your free fender...

  • @8bit I have emailed Future Motion to ask if it really is the onewheel +, because the shipping weight says 1.7lbs. And it says this shipment completes my order.

  • @ericmarshall have you ordered anything besides the OW+, like a t-shirt or any other accessories? The default shipping notification for everything gives the impression the OW+ is shipping when that is really not the case.

  • @e-ball i ordered the onewheel+ and a helmet. The helmet showed up last week.
    This is the email I received.

    "The last of the items from order #80XX have now been shipped:

    1x Onewheel Plus: Gold Edition

    They are being shipped via FedEx to the following address:"

  • @ericmarshall I'm order number 8019 , this gives me hope are you higher or lower then that number ? Let us know when you get it if it was just the free fenders

  • @gbones2692 I'm order # 804X. As soon as I hear back or I receive a package I will post the result.

  • @ericmarshall I am 80XX and asked them to ship my fender early and no notification (yet). I'm jealous. Did you buy another product from them?

  • I'm a founding member and haven't gotten shipment confirmation yet so I'm betting it's not your +.

  • I am #724X with nothing yet!

  • Hopefully we see shipping notifications going out tonight or this week. Otherwise, the issues in their email are a lot bigger than they stated. Its been 4 weeks since the last batch shipment.

  • @ctsiaki I wouldn't expect anything this week, though it would be a nice surprise. They indicated they expect to ship in late March, so they could still hold schedule and not begin production runs until next week.

  • @iiikz Yeah, I am actually not expecting anything till April. That way I won't get disappointed again hahaha. But deep down I am hoping for a surprise this week as long as they ironed everything out first.

  • I'm going to Florida in two weeks and I'm taking my V1 with me so all in all its still going to be epic. I bought it in December and haven't had any nice weather yet so hopefully its nice there. Ill wait a little longer for the V2 to be perfect.

  • Here is the reply I received today from Future Motion:

    "Hi Eric,

    Thanks for checking in and our apologies for the confusing messaging. The shipment you received will be for your fender. The bumpers and Onewheel+ will ship together directly from our factory. As soon as the rest of your order ships you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking.

    Pumped to get you riding the Onewheel+.

    All the best,
    Carly "

    I ordered a helmet when I ordered the onewheel+. I asked about the helmet 2 weeks ago and it was delivered last week. Then I got an email on Friday stating the last of my order had shipped and the description was "1x Onewheel + Gold Edition". But the shipping weight of 1.7lbs made it questionable.

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