A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?

  • Just got word from FM today about my order #93xx, saying that the supply chain snag is cleared (old news) and that I was on track to receive tracking info within 2 weeks. That's a 1000 orders in the next couple weeks, so let's hope it's accurate!

  • @slydogstroh are you getting your plus before the repaired v1? Who woulda thunk 😜

  • @kevinrwhitley yeah, keep rubbing it in to us 11,xxx guys! ;)

  • @PwnWheel "Yes, a little more salt in my wound. Ahh, that's it. Thank you." tips imaginary onewheel hat; rides off into the sunset on imaginary onewheel 😜

  • 11,1xx and still no shipping label yet. :)

  • @PavementMatador super happy for everyone and their shipping notices! 0_1493762007173_upload-e1ed52a4-b9a4-41c1-9272-6676188c45d9

  • order 820x (gold) arrived yesterday in North Carolina after 8 days on the road with Fedex. No fender though, hopefully will arrive later this week. anyway, first impressions ever on a OW+ (never rode anything like that before) it's worth the wait and worth the money. I wish I had discover this already 2 years ago !!!

  • #8157 arrived 2 days ago( 2 onewheels) got frre hats and free bumper sets with each one. One fender showed up yesterday. But second one is still in the works i think, no notifications about bumpers.

  • Just got an email with a tracking number!

    Order 833x (Gold member)

  • Label created, tracking number received, 35 lbs.

    Order # 837x, Gold edition.

  • #84xx on the way! Will arrive 5/08. Northern LA area. So ready!

  • So far they are keeping constant pace. I made a timetable based on recent information:
    ##** approx dates
    84** 5/3-4
    85 5/5
    86 5/9,10
    87 5/11-12
    88 5/15-16
    89 5/17-18
    90** 5/19-22
    91 5/23-24
    92 5/25-26
    93 5/29-30
    94 5/31-6/1
    95 6/2-5
    96 6/6-7
    97 6/8-9

  • Yup! They are flying now! My order 833# shipped Wednesday and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow, May 5th in Seattle.

  • @vespamanwv I have order # 926X... I guess I wont get the shipping notification before the middle of the month as promised in the email I got. :(

  • Got my confirmation email this morning. #844- ..
    Shipping 5/4 and delivering 5/11...
    Still waiting to hear on my wife's order #883-

  • Hi guys, i am new here...i am gold founder (took too long to decide). I had a problem where affirm cancelled my payment (i think it was really FM). FM said they would hold my place in line (83##) with my new number (90##). The other day I got a cancellation notice for my original order..called them and they said not to worry they just wanted to make sure not to send me 2 (damn! that would have been sweet). Yesterday I saw on the forums that 844# had shipped. I have tried to call FM all day but their automated system keeps giving me the boot. I am so frustrated again. I sent in an email but do not believe that they are going to answer till next week since it is a Friday afternoon. Anyone else in the same boat? I am looking forward to using the plus all over town...i even ran into a member that had a hoosier on his v1 and was picking his brain. I just hope that they didn't blow smoke up my a@% and that i woun't get it till June. Sorry, i just needed to vent. Hope you all have a great weekend and those of you who have boards enjoy them for those of us who dont!

  • Just got the confirmation mail for #850x. So, about 60 more since @DillonFla posted #844x yesterday.

  • Well I'm totally confused. I'm 851# so I thought I would get a shipping notification today based on the last several shipping post numbers and because its May 5th- the new deadline from a few weeks back that they moved Silver people to (I ordered January 15th). Instead of a notification of shipment today I got this instead...

    "We are so sorry for the delay in shipping your order. We are working hard to fulfill orders in order of when they were received. We hit a small hiccup with our supply chain, but the issue has been resolved and we are back to making boards as fast as we can. You are on track to receive tracking information within 2 weeks.

    Sorry again for the delay and we can't thank you enough for your patience.
    Onewheel Team"

    I'm beyond frustrated... again.

  • @Bcmang that's the verbatim email I received (order #93xx) a couple weeks ago. I wouldn't sweat it, seems like they are just lazily responding with a canned letter regardless of your actual order number. Surely yours would be out of the gate by early/mid week next week!

  • #848x shipping notification yesterday (May 5).

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