A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?

  • @ctsiaki I wouldn't expect anything this week, though it would be a nice surprise. They indicated they expect to ship in late March, so they could still hold schedule and not begin production runs until next week.

  • @iiikz Yeah, I am actually not expecting anything till April. That way I won't get disappointed again hahaha. But deep down I am hoping for a surprise this week as long as they ironed everything out first.

  • I'm going to Florida in two weeks and I'm taking my V1 with me so all in all its still going to be epic. I bought it in December and haven't had any nice weather yet so hopefully its nice there. Ill wait a little longer for the V2 to be perfect.

  • Here is the reply I received today from Future Motion:

    "Hi Eric,

    Thanks for checking in and our apologies for the confusing messaging. The shipment you received will be for your fender. The bumpers and Onewheel+ will ship together directly from our factory. As soon as the rest of your order ships you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking.

    Pumped to get you riding the Onewheel+.

    All the best,
    Carly "

    I ordered a helmet when I ordered the onewheel+. I asked about the helmet 2 weeks ago and it was delivered last week. Then I got an email on Friday stating the last of my order had shipped and the description was "1x Onewheel + Gold Edition". But the shipping weight of 1.7lbs made it questionable.

  • Here's the email I received last night after checking in on my Founding member order:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for looping back. We need to make sure that every board we ship offers the customer an unbelievable experience and accordingly we needed a few more weeks to uphold that standard. We will make sure you are riding shortly! We expect all pioneer orders to be fulfilled by the end of March.

    You can keep an eye out for a tracking notification within the next two weeks.

    Pumped for you to get your Onewheel+.

    Kind regards,

  • Two weeks...it is not end of March but early April ! 😕

  • @ericmarshall thanks for clearing that up

  • I received shipping conformation two hours ago. Order # 708x. I was supposed to be in the first batch shipped but Australian orders were delayed.

  • #732* nothing yet

  • If Pioneers are getting shipping beginning of April, it seems I won't see mine until end of April / beginning of May.

  • @loudeezy sounds like they are shipping again, thats good news. Hopefully mine ships out this week #724X.

  • I don't even care anymore...So used to waiting with future motion...It will come when it comes...Still got the v1 to beat up

  • @ctsiaki keeping my fingers crossed as well, my son (it was a birthday present to him) is getting restless! we are also in the 7,000's at 720x. He is hoping to get it for spring break which is next week.

  • @COKids Hahaha, same here. Although it was suppose to be an early bday present for me that might turn into a late one lol. But my son keeps asking me cause I told him we would share it so hes all excited.

  • @ctsiaki yeah, my sons birthday was on the 6th of February, so we gave him a picture of the plus... This is our first OW so we had no idea they have a habit of delays. Oh well, learning a little patience isn't the worst thing in the world, and I never had such a cool toy at his age :-)

  • @njcustom word. And now I have your custom fender to look forward to. I bet it beats the + to my house.

  • Order #725X and no word since they notified me of the delay on March 11th:

    While we were able to get the first batch of boards shipped in late February without a hitch, we encountered an issue with a part needed for the motor on the next batch. Quality is what Onewheel+ is all about and we can't cut any corners, so we sent the piece back to our supplier and are now awaiting a new shipment to arrive to continue our build.
    To the best of our knowledge, it looks like Founding Members' boards will be shipping in late March up to early April. We know how excited you are for One+ and that the wait is brutal, but please know our team is working around the clock to ensure your board is made with the care and love it deserves.

  • @mekon said in A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?:

    please know our team is working around the clock to ensure your board is made with the care and love it deserves.

    Their team is working around the clock waiting on a part to come in from China?

  • @sidebox


  • @ctsiaki @COKids Yeah I got it as an early birthday present to myself too since it was stated as Feb delivery when I ordered, and my bday was March 1. I thought I would get it right before or around my bday for sure, but oh well. I just went and bought a Bamboo GT instead. :P

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