People who had the V1 and now have the Plus/Honest review

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  • OK Fellas.... Just unboxed the New + and took it for a short trip around the block..... WOW is about the only word I can think of. Now WOW was my word when I rode the original but man this thing is very sweet.

    We have 3 Original Onewheels, and I have only put about 500 miles on mine, and 50-100 on my sons, so unlike some in here I may not have put the original Onewheel to all the tests. But I have been on many surfaces. Observation between the 2 are this.

    Speed: Acceleration is better.... Not in a way you might think. The plus is more responsive and much smoother. With my original Onewheel it was no issue going from the 5 to 13 quickly. You notice it much more on the original Onewheel than the plus. The acceleration on the PLUS its so smooth going 5-15 without the fight of the wobble I would get on the original. Also I start to get pushback at 13mph on all 3 of our original Onewheels. So On the original onewheel right when i get to the zone I like to ride...(for me 13-15 I am fighting the thing most of the time.) Not with this one. Super smooth. In fact I haven't gotten too much pushback yet... Only because I just got on it without helmet or pads so I didn't push it past 17mph.... I will report back later. I have hit 20.4 on the Original and for me that was scary fast mostly because the board felt extremely unstable anything above 15 for me in the past. 16 on this was super smooth and very stable. Didn't feel anything like I did at 16 on my Original Onewheel.

    Smooth: This may sound crazy but it is a big difference. I'm 50 and have had numerous vehicles in my life. The best comparison to me is the original is like a Prius (had 3 of them) and the Plus is like my Lexus GX SUV..... When you have a Prius you don't really notice the wind noise, the vibration of the road, and the little nuances of driving UNTIL.... You get in something that is super smooth, quiet, and cancels out all the vibration, noise, and chatter..... Too me it was that different. Just to make sure I wasn't totally biased. I had my wife ride her board and then hop on this one and needless to say that was a big mistake because now I may not have a Onewheel + anymore. Super smooth in all areas. The ride, the acceleration, the braking, the feel of the road (not sure what my PSI is so maybe it's fairly low on the plus) but the road feels much smoother under me.

    FootPads: ... Night and day. I have ridden snowboards for a long time and I ride with my goofy front foot open about 20 degrees. I had a few issues where I got tossed on the original....Probably my fault but since then I kept my front foot at 90degrees just to make sure I didn't get off the sensors. With the new pads it feels so much better and being able to ride more open with my front foot feels so much better. There is a much more solid feel to the pads and I am not sure but the new one feels a bit heavier (lb or 2).... Plus not looking down every 30 seconds to check my foot is not slipping off one of the sensors is awesome. I cant imagine anyone who won't love the new footpads. Very sweet.... Even my wife who has never snowboarded said the "place she puts her feet" (her technical language) feels so much better.

    I will update my thoughts more when I actually take it out later for a long journey. But first impression is WOW... As great as the Original was this thing surpassed my expectations.

    Side Note: The OW Buddy does show it and is clocking my speed and the light on/off but it doesn't show the mode I am riding in.

  • Nice! First really detailed review of the feel between the two OWs!! Now the wait is even harder. :)

  • Being able to cruise at 15 mph with no pushback is the ultimate.

  • @sonny123 Being able to cruise at 25 mph with no pushback is the ultimate.

  • @Gosha

    V4 in couple years.

  • For the techs on the forum. Can the hub assembly plug up to a V1 with no issues? I am about smoothing my V1 ride out with no pushback at 16. I guess when the time comes for me to swap out my hub assembly, I'll call them and see if they will ship me one if it is compatible.

    Is there a post explaining exactly what can be swapped on the two boards. This would be a very helpful thing for the shade tree mechanics on the forum. I know I can make the footpads fit.

  • @Earthpilot keep in mind if you wanna make the footpads fit, you'll have to make the bumpers fit too, the footpads are longer and rounded on the front, and the bottom of the footpads have a slight bevel that fits the new bumpers

  • @No said in People who had the V1 and now have the Plus/Honest review:

    @Earthpilot keep in mind if you wanna make the footpads fit, you'll have to make the bumpers fit too, the footpads are longer and rounded on the front, and the bottom of the footpads have a slight bevel that fits the new bumpers

    So use +footpads and +bumpers?

  • So if the + has the same frame, this would work unless new holes have to be drilled to accommodate the + bumpers and pads. I'm hoping the + hub assembly plugs right in. No, you have both right? When you change out your Vega on the plus, could you try plugging it into your V1 to see if it works. Of course I would look at the connections first.

  • OK Guys I uploaded the OW Buddy app with my ride. As you can see pretty happy about how far I went. Went 7.6 miles on my usual run around my house. (Lights were off)

    Weather about 75 degrees

    Tire pressure... I changed it to 20PSI it came at 24PSI

    Pretty flat and paved roads in my area

    I didn't really push it much

    The OneWheel buddy app is off on the % of battery left. It had me at 1% and I went about another 1.5 miles so keep that in mind.

    Pushback.....After riding it I can comment a bit more. Regarding pushback. For me personally I hit pushback pretty consistently at about 16.2.... So Plus vs Original 13 vs 16.2.... I know it's only 3.2mph but it's a pretty big difference to cruise around at 14-16 all the time without pushback as opposed to 13.0... SO big win for the Plus. I tend to not go real fast. I hit 19.2 I think and it was fast but it felt similar to 16-17 on the Original. But as I said before to be able to cruise around at 14-16 with absolutely ZERO pushback is huge for me. Perfect speed.

    SUPER Quiet..... I am not sure who said it seemed the same noise wise but nothing like the Original one. The original one whines all the time when I accelerate and anything above about 11-12 for me and actually all of our boards. By the time you hit 14 it's pretty noisy. I really heard very little and that's what's a bit weird about the PLUS is the original sorta warns you with that noise you are close to maybe causing it to shut down. Nothing with this one regarding noise.

    Super smooth like I said in the first post. Acceleration is smooth, quick, and responsive, and braking is very nice. As far as regeneration going down hill it didn't register much but I am assuming the APP's aren't really reading the info correctly.

    The Foot Deck's are really nice. Like I said previously just solid and you feel attached to the board so much more. The wobbles that sometimes I have gotten with the Original just isn't there. I thought the tire must have been bigger but it's the same size. The Foot Deck's are just beefy and the slope of them allows the foot to stay grounded much better when cornering aggressive. Love the new Foot Deck.

    It will be interesting to see how the stats measure up when the app gets released. As far as mileage for me goes. My Original would go about 7-8 miles on a charge. This particular ride the last time I did it the original went almost exactly the same. So for me it's huge to have the same miles as the original with 250 more Watts and all the improvements they have made. I actually was pretty sure I would lose my range a bit with it beefed up. So I am even more impressed after this long ride.

    For newbie's the PLUS seems easier to adapt too than the original. My wife hasn't ridden a bunch and got right on this and said it felt much more stable and she felt more control.

    Last but not least. I just charged and clocked it from plug in to 100% and I was literally at ZERO. I ran it all the way out. Time was...........36 minutes and 16 seconds. Not bad about what I was used to with the Original. Never gotten the 20 minute FM promise charge. Always 35-40 minutes when I ran it completely out.!!!!!
    !0_1488505777941_Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 6.49.15 PM.png0_1488505963422_Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 6.51.49 PM.png

  • @sonny123 agreed, that is what I am looking forward to. That and it not crashing for no reason like i took the other day... #shoulder in a sling... oh the pain:(.


  • How do you disengage the footpad?

  • @eeg said in People who had the V1 and now have the Plus/Honest review:

    How do you disengage the footpad?

    I went out for a ride tonight and it's definitely a bit different. You have to swing your toes farther or do the heel dismount. I opted for the toe move and am still finding my balance since it has to be more extreme than the V1.

  • Some of my first impressions of the Onewheel+

  • Ok guys.... What I think we have all been waiting for here... OneWheel verses OneWheel plus side by side comparison video. Hope this helps clarify things. Overall the board is about 20% better I think. Like going from driving a car in a regular model vs the sport turbo model. Also, one of my favorite changes was the valve stem that sticks out. Much easier to get to. Video below... Enjoy! @groovyruvy @No @thegreck @OriginalEric @njcustom

  • @MichaelW @groovyruvy ... guys guys guys!! Best review to date. Amazing. Wish I was there with you to experience for myself.. looks like I'll need to pull the pin once available in UK.. hope you're both keeping well

  • The pros are: Quieter (nearly silent), smoother by 20%, couldn't even get to pushback, faster by 15%, more climbing power 20% upgrade, new easy valve stem, slightly better looking.

    Cons for me are: Battery difference. Mark and I both followed the same course exactly and had the same tire pressure as well. First, the plus motor seems to use about 3%-7% more battery we found (More tests needed to be super accurate on this). I also feel like the pads are not as good for beginners. Its definitely a more difficult dismount. Yet easier for beginners to get on i suppose. Also, its more expensive. Lastly, I felt it was slightly more stiff (maybe its just new) then my V1 when carving. Not sure why that would be but its only slight and I'm sure I'll get used to it over time. Mark didn't really notice a difference in the carving.

  • @MichaelW : Thanks a lot - now that is really the perfect review!
    No more questions everything else one has to feel for himself I think...

  • @MichaelW More stiff when carving? I'd want the opposite, indeed!

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