Made my OneWheel a 3-Wheel

  • Carrying the Onewheel through the building at work is a chore, and I may be taking it on a train this weekend, so I added some more wheels.

    0_1488412118538_2017-03-01 09.26.30-2.jpg

    I ordered some luggage wheels from Amazon, and a pair of bumpers from FM, so if I messed something up I would get a second chance. I drilled a hole just behind the first screw post, and used a dremel to carve out the ribs so there would be room for the screw on the inside.

    0_1488412411742_2017-03-01 09.11.50.jpg

    0_1488412430072_2017-03-01 09.12.09.jpg

    Next I drilled holes through the lip of the handle of the front bumper, and put in some zip ties. I found a short strap with clips and hooked it on to the zip ties so I would have a handle long enough to pull the OW without leaning over. I couldn't get it as short as I wanted, but I have a handle on order from Strapworks that will be more elegant. Some velcro keeps it stuck to the bottom cover when not in use.

    0_1488412664516_2017-03-01 13.36.12.jpg

    0_1488412678000_2017-03-01 13.36.51.jpg

    This makes a huge difference for me in the daily use of my OW. The only drawback is I can't prop it up against a wall or counter quite as easily. There is still enough of a lip that I can lean it backwards at a bit more of an angle.

  • @IanJohnson This is really cool. Does it ride any differently now? Does the handle scrape the ground if you are on an incline? Can you post a video of you pulling it and having it rolling by the wheels? Thanks!

  • Any pictures of the handle?

  • Here is a video of me pulling it - video

    Here are the wheels

    Here is the handle

    I'm thinking I'll sew or rivet the ends of the strap from the handle to make a loop, and run it through a couple of miniature carabiners hanging from the zip ties.

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