Strange sound at low speed

  • Hi,

    I'm riding my OW everyday since I get it. It's an old Kickstarter version which has ~400 km now. It's been few days now it makes a strange sound sometimes when I go low speed. Is anyone experienced this kind of sound? Here is a vid I recorded during my last ride this night / morning (it's 02am here).

    Thanks for your help!

  • @Jeff I'll hear something similar to that but not as loud or aggressive when I'm trying to balance motionless (but slightly rocking) at a red light. I imagined it was a result of the motor switching directions at the fulcrum.

  • @dcosmos Thanks for your reply, did you experienced it after knocking something also?

    I nearly ride my OW everyday (except when it rains!) and I saw that this noise happens after some "pavement landing". It activate the sound and then when I knock the board again with a pavement it shut the sound off... It's as if something unscrew and screw again...

    As I'm every time in extreme mode I'm kinda afraid of a nosedive at 20mph, I wear a helmet but the Schumacher case told everyone that speed could be low and destroy everyone...

  • @Jeff If your still within the warranty period, I would definitely send it in for repair. It was NOT after a pavement knock. It happens anytime I balance near motionless when the OW is trying to figure out which way I'm going. It is fainter than yours. I can see how that would be really irritating, but performance is not affected?

  • @Jeff I was reading on another forum about axel adjustment for OW v1 and it had a similar description as yours , low speed noise

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