OneWheel verses OneWheel plus side by side comparison video!

  • Ok guys.... OneWheel verses OneWheel plus side by side comparison video. Hope this helps clarify things. Overall the board is about 20% better I think. Like going from driving a car in a regular model vs the sport turbo model. My two favorite changes? The quiet motor and the easy access valve stem. Video below... Enjoy! @thegreck @njcustom

    Thanks to Mark @groovyruvy who made this all possible!

  • Thanks for the effort guys! very nice vid!

  • Is there more clearance between the tire and the board? In the plus? It sort of looks like there is a tiny bit. But, it's hard to tell, also i guess could be wear.

    Or does it look like the bay's for the components were not re-designed at all... Just wondering because for the tire change possibilities.....

    Especially since the bays for battery and such didn't line up straight with footpads on the V1, there is a good chance that there was a re-design there and the treaded tire change could be all but a tire change and no worries of clearance issue. - how nice would that be.

  • Great review.
    It's like moving to the latest iPhone
    To those on the fence and don't want to wait, the V1 is an awesome board and $200 cheaper.
    Heck, there's one on NYC CL for $900 lightly used.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL tire clearance is the same, and if it's not exactly the same I'm attributing any differences to tire wear. Tire is exact same size on the + and original OW, per the specs on each tire's sidewall. Really the overall geometry and sizing on both boards is identical, other than maybe the concave footpads on the +.

  • Thanks for the comments guys! We had a blast testing this thing out... More riding this weekend hopefully :)

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