What's your why for a OW?

  • We live in Hawaii and my family look forward to winter trips to go snowboarding/skiing every year. My son and I just started snowboarding for the second season and we are so hooked, and that is what we talk about all year long and watch as many snowboarding youtube videos as possible. We have both ordered the OW+ in hopes that it will pacify us in between our snowboard trips.

  • @AdventureGuy It will. I've seen several people comment that they don't even bother going snowboarding now that they have a Onewheel.

  • OW is its own sport.
    It's not like, now that I have Onewheel, no need to snowboard anymore.
    Nothing replaces being on the slopes.
    But the sheer fact you can pick up OW anytime/anywhere and get a similar experience and more is just amazing.

  • There are so many WHY's for me now... In the beginning, it was because I longboarded for 8 years and wanted something similar, but powered. I pulled the trigger on the OW over a Boosted Dual+ (best decision ever).
    Now, almost 2 years later, I'm still riding the same OW every day. I commute both to work and back home, I ride to make friends, I ride because I want to improve and be the best, and I still ride because I genuinely love the feeling of floating across the pavement.
    I feel incredibly blessed to have found the OW and I have a feeling I'm a rider for life :)

  • @slydogstroh You said my friend, I have nothing to add to that. Oh, i know. You know you ride alot when people that you meet out say that they have seen you weeks before they meet you.

  • @slydogstroh I'm in chi town for business, leaving tomorrow. I wish I had my OW to ride with ya

  • @braswell oh man!!! I wish I had my PLUS already or an extra board :/ Next time your in town definitely let me know, I'll have an extra!

  • Got the OW to get my balance back.

    16 years ago I was shredding the surf breaks on Kauai. But i started a business then shifted my priorities to raising family and work.

    16 years and 70lbs later I tried getting back on the board. Ha, I realized I'm a fat kook. Nah, I'm not that fat but you get the idea. Just dreaming to hit the overheaders.

    Tried getting on my board 6 years ago but just don't have the patience to relearn it. Besides the water makes you wet. Too much water in Hawaii.

    With the OW I may have an alternative way to shaping up for the breaks.

    Too bad the ride isn't exactly like surfing. The leaning forward for acceleration changes the dynamics for carving for me. But what do I know. I am now a has-been and a wannabe.

    We have 2 OW's and more to come and with our OW's I am raising my family to become dirt surfers.

    That's my why.

  • My why...I like to piss of my wife! (she doesn't know about the plus yet)

    I've been an avid skater, snowboarder, surfer progressively for the past 20 years (32 yrs old now). My passion went from skateboarding over to surfing over the years and I just don't live close to the mountains, so snowboarding is once a year for me now with the fam. Surfing when the waves are pumping is pretty much the shit, but the waves only get good here in the mid Atlantic every so often.

    The OW will merge all three boardsports into one, with the ability to drop a hat and just go ride. I don't know if it gets any better than that!

    I plan on commuting (fingers crossed I can make the 6.9 miles) and trail riding (I love powder snowboarding in the glades).

    Thanks to this community for all the insight btw!

  • I got it to strengthen my legs. And it worked. and the muscle use of the bottom of the foot actually really good for my lower back.

  • I got it cause I love it. High tech/ quality and high thrill/ enjoyment. I do electric for work and i also snowboard/ skate. I hike and get out often so I bring it with me in my car half the time not only to shred but in case I break down. Also I use it for transportation to stores in my town.
    I enjoy tech and expensive toys

  • I needed a commuter ride, something I could easily take on-board a train, manageable storage space, and as minimal storage as possible.

    A bicycle wasn't feasible for me; I'm really sick of the trend of bike-thievery being the new-normal in the Bay Area. That, and bike maintenance is definitely not my thing. I don't enjoy having to lock it up on train rides, and I'm not a fan of the bulkiness of bikes.

    Skateboards were also an option, so were motorized scooters, and even the booster boards. The Ninebot was also attractive, but I looked way too goofy riding a 9bot.

    It came down to the OneWheel being compact enough to lug around, support all the riding needs I wanted for commuting (not to mention, the all-terrain aspect). The novelty of riding one wheel was also appealing, as well as the style of the board.

    After 1200 miles later, I'm extremely satisfied in the investment. I could have bought a car, but loaded up upwards of $5000 in gas and insurance and maintenance costs by now. So far, the OW has only cost me $500 in general maintenance and upkeep.

    So I'm extremely happy to have saved up a ton of money, while making my daily work commute extremely efficient.

  • I have no experience skate boarding or snowboarding; however I like cool shit! It showed up in my news feed for some reason and I needed to have it. I can't wait to get this thing!

  • I burn way too much gas driving my car specially that it's been supercharged for the past 2 years I end up filling the tank twice a week. I got this because I love to skate and I will be using this for my gym commute every day after work + the added need to stabilize using your own body is a workout in itself, would be interesting riding this thing back after a leg day lol :D

  • The onewheel has made me better at snowboarding for sure

  • @njcustom Nice. I am really curious how I will be snowboarding. I tried it a couple times over a decade ago and was novice then.

  • @njcustom
    I never thought about it improving my snowboarding! My sons girlfriend was frustrated this season because she wasn't quit advancing at snowboarding as my son and I and she is pretty competitive. Hopefully when my son gets his OW then she will like to ride it too so that it will help her on the slopes so she can hang with us zipping through the trees...

  • I pulled the trigger on the + because I've been missing snowboarding but also saving up to quit my job (which I've since done). I hated my career for the longest time but had to reconcile with the fact that going back to freelance writing was going to end my ability to purchase lift tickets. So I figured, what the hell, buy one $1500 board instead. Won't take that many rides to make up for the difference in $80 lift tickets around this area.

  • impulse purchase. but I am so excited to try it! I watched the trailer and started to think of the possibilities.

  • @AdventureGuy I'm really good but riding "fakie" I think they call it, was hard for me. Since the onewheel I'm that much better.. it will help anyone I think...It's awesome!!

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