OneWheel 5070 still not right :(

  • Has anyone ever heard or seen where an Operating Temperature Range is given for the OW? The manual seems to show 0C to 50C for the UltraCharger but nothing for the OW itself (unless the specs are just confusingly arranged, pg 05-41). My Original OW 5070 dumped me last night with 97% battery after leaving home and traveling 3 blocks. I was going about 7 mph with a slight jostle going from road to sidewalk ramp. I know I was not off both sensors. It was 27 degrees Fahrenheit outside but the OW had just came out of the warm house. After I collected myself from the asphalt (shoulder holstering a second OW), I found that 5070 had shut completely off. Once I turned it back on, I noticed that it had switched to Classic mode and the lifetime odometer was reset to 0. If you recall, I had sent this in for repair for this same problem in December. Future Motion had it for 2 months in which time they could not replicate the problem, suggested I could buy a new controller (declined), and performed a Complete Refresh Pack.

    It's disheartening that I can't trust this OW. If this is happening because it's too cold out, fine. I'll accept the OW's limitations, but my newer original OW 6272 doesn't have this problem in cold weather. I commute 0.8 miles each way to work and back in temps as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

    One last thing, has anyone had a factory tire replacement and found that the new wheel wobbled at higher speeds? Feels like the tire is unbalanced. It's not as noticeable at lower speeds but still there. I'm hoping maybe the slime inside coagulated and once it warms up in Wisconsin, it will thin out and evenly distribute.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I emailed FM on all this. I know everyone's excited about the Plus and early real user impressions including myself, but this vast user brain trust might have the answer if FM doesn't. Thanks.

    Full disclosure: FM extended my 5070 warranty for 2 months for having it so long (during CES and Plus launch) and sent me a t-shirt.

  • I had a kick starter board that had similar symptoms. It would shut off on the first ride of the day. It would usually shut off within the first 20-50 feet. Also ODO would be reset to 0 . FM could not replicate it but they ended up replacing the BMS and I have not had it happen since. I think for me it had to to with temp a bit because it happened mainly when leaving the board in my trunk over night.

  • I should also add that I was experiencing an additional problem at the same time and replacing the controller fixed the other issue but the shut off/oDO reset issue persisted after the controller was replaced. I had to send it back a second time for the BMS.

  • @wr420 Was either fix a warrantied replacement?

  • ...and what was the other symptom that the new controller resolved?

  • It was all covered under warranty and this was on a KS board that was way out of warranty. There may have been some extenuating circumstances as I received an internal email from them that was not meant for me. Something about water and that they should just cover it. It was not very specific though.
    The other symptom was a surging problem that would show up after riding at speed for a while. If I reset the board it would go away for a bit but return shortly.

  • @wr420 eww! Glad I've not heard before of that surging problem. Sounds scary.

  • So disappointed! Tried to ride 5070 Sunday and would not power up. Full charge but nothing. FM had it for 2 months, couldn't find cause of unexpected shut offs, get it back after buying the complete refresh figuring it will be good as new and now it won't even turn on. Never experienced this before. Add to that, the new tire wobbles at moderate to high speeds. This board has about 900 miles on it and performed so well until about 800. Trying to get an email response but will probably have to call them to get the ball rolling.

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