What I learn from the pros and how it helps my riding

  • I will have been riding for 6 months on march 14th and I am still discovering fun things about my One wheel. We all know the standard cruising stance on a One wheel. I'll let George demonstrate. http://biblescripture.net/Leutze.jpeg He is just ceuising, wouldn't you agree?

    I have seen some of the guys on youtube off roading their One wheels like the next stance I am going to show. I'll let Mick Fanning demonstrate. http://www.surfertoday.com/images/stories/fanningfeet2.jpg

    Here is what I want to say about this stance. I have made a habit out of waiting for the sun to go down, taking to the sidewalks in my neighborhood, getting into surfing the barrel stance and running my board at around 14.5 to 15 mph, weaving through obstacles, trees, water valve plates, uneven sidewalks, up and down sidewalk to street transitions, tables, chairs, people, etc. It's become a real life video game. This stance allows for acceleration with the rear leg acting like a shock absorber, think full suspension mountain bike. Your rear foot should be going from a ball of foot placement to leaning forward to the inside of your big toe. My board hits stuff head on, teetering forward and backward with my rear leg acting as a feathering brake as i need it. I have to get a Go Pro session soon and mount it to the rear frame so i can show you all my sidewalk assault. I run several blocks like this and when I come to a major intersection, I go back into an upright relaxed stance, breathing sighs of accomplishment. Addicted

    I would like to hear from you guys what you can add to this. Let's teach newer riders and learn as we go.

  • @Earthpilot That barrel stance is good for rolling alongside my dog as he trots and he looks at me like, ....ok

  • You need to throw a turn off the lip or bust a 360 so he knows you mean business

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