BMX Helmet for OneWheel

  • I saw a guy with this Helmet strapped to his bag at Starbucks the other day. It looked really nice so I asked him about it and was surprised to find the price was pretty reasonable compared to other helmets I've seen mentioned on the forums here.

    Wanted to get some thoughts from the more experienced riders as to whether or not they/you thought this would be a nice helmet for OneWheeling.
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  • Any thoughts from my SoCal crew or any others? Was hoping for some feedback as I have no experience with Bell Helmets and I want to make sure I protect what little brain I have. Cheers!

  • @OriginalEric pick up an S1 helmet. I used to ride w/something else till I saw some of the So Cal Boys using S1s. They're really nice and have a range of sizes in swappable liners- so you can get a really nice fit.

  • YES! S1 Helmets are the best out of all the ones I've tried on. Very snug and not bulky like a lot of other helmets.

  • I'll check out the S1's, thanks for the feedback.

  • for what it's worth, my buddy that is a pro bmx rider told me to go with the POC Receptor Plus, no questions. Said he's had his share of head injuries in the past and has seen buddies get pretty messed up after not spending the extra money on quality helmets.

  • I ordered a TSG Pass last week...
    I have a triple eight regular skateboard helmet, but it didn't help much when going at full speed off-road and hitting a rut. I completely face planted; trashed another pair of sunglasses, got various cuts on my face and had to have stitches inside my mouth - I was incredibly lucky not to lose any teeth! I get the stitches out tomorrow. That's the second time I've had a high-speed wipeout, and I don't want to worry about wiping out like that again. The only bad thing is that I already stand out considerably while Onewheeling around La Paz, Mexico, so this TSG Pass helmet is gonna make me look like a spaceman!

    Per the Onewheel app, it doesn't look like there any other Onewheels in the Baja. When people ask me about it, I like to freak them out by letting them try it, but of course I make them wear all the pads (helmet + wrist, elbow and knee pads)!

    Some people have said to me that they don't need pads, but I just tell them to look at the scars on my pads and then decide for themselves. They always want to wear the pads after they see how completely abused my pads are. My board has about 750km, all from the past three months, all in Mexico, with almost all of it on dirt roads and off-road, and the pads have definitely saved me from numerous cuts and broken bones - no question. My helmet should arrive next week, and I'm really, really looking forward to the added protection.

  • @HansBoobie That thing looks incredible. Any concerns about keeping cool in Mexican summer?

  • Giro Switchblade. Best of both worlds...

  • @HansBoobie I'd have to see you ride to be sure, but I know your face should never hit the ground like that in a wipeout. You might need to work on keeping your knees bent when you ride to absorb any unexpected bumps or dips, and be ready to run it out if the board suddenly nosedives. If you can't run it out, lead with your shoulder and roll.

    I've wiped out twice onto the pavement in the past couple of months and the only thing that got it was my leading elbow that scraped the ground as I went into the roll.

  • Mixed feelings...first couple wipeouts I rolled it out and minimized injury. The last one was a wake up call when barging on a trail and hit a pot hole full speed and tire just stopped. Smashed forehead into the hard dirt and happened so fast I didn't even realize it happened until I sat up dazed. No chance of bracing for it or protecting myself. Face was untouched with a simple pro-tec with no face protection. Full face coverage may be a little overkill but you'll never regret it.

    Edit: After trying an annoying amount of helmets over the years I am loving the POC receptor backcountry...A little big but the most comfortable one ever. Feels like a damn motorcycle helmet. Also adding the beats neckroll is amazing if you have been cruising with earbuds in the past.

  • @SC720 said in BMX Helmet for OneWheel:
    "...The last one was a wake up call when barging on a trail and hit a pot hole full speed and tire just stopped. Smashed forehead into the hard dirt and happened so fast I didn't even realize it happened until I sat up dazed. No chance of bracing for it or protecting myself..."

    This is what happened to me with the rut that I hit (probably more like hitting a pothole, but in the dirt). The board stopped immediately and I didn't! Sometimes I can run it out; @thegreck is totally right, I do need to practice rolling out my crashes, but it could happen again and it really happened fast and nasty, so I'm going overkill with the fullface helmet - I'm to darn pretty not to!

    My wrist pads have shock absorbing spoon-shaped plastic protecting the palm and wrist, which have deep nasty gouges in them - evidence of their usefulness to date.

    @magicrobots It's not too hot here yet, but I'm sure when I get the helmet I'll see how it does with some real heat soon enough.

    If anyone is travelling to Mexico (by road), be sure to take your Onewheel. Everyone I meet is super positive and curious about it and riding here on and offroad is awesome! (e.g. a couple of mornings ago, four military trucks with gunners and lots of soldiers on them pulled out of the nearby Marine base, and each one of them took turns checking out the Onewheel by riding along beside me and nodding/giving me the thumbs up - the cops almost always do the same).

    @thegreck - your side handles look great. I'll order one soon. I'll be sure to get some wipeout lessons from other riders when I eventually meet one in person! I expect to be in the SF are in the summer, so there's good chance of meeting another Onewheel rider or two around there!

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