• They can't ship overnight....the OW isn't allowed on airplanes!

  • @Snurfer I got FedEx overnight delivery from Chicago a few weeks ago... it was 110 bucks (total) both ways.

  • @slydogstroh No shit! I want to pay for the upgrade for overnight shipping. I'll try dropping them an email, but doubt they will get to it.

  • Got this reply on FB last week, just trying to get an idea of when my ride is coming... a simple statement like 'we're getting 20 boards out or 50 boars out per day' today we shipped 7150-7199 so you can probably expect your ride in 'x' number of days approx. I love their ride but seriously some of the worst communication for a toy with this kind of price tag.

    ‎Ryan Reilly‎ to Onewheel
    March 2 at 11:29am ·
    It would be cool if you guys could keep us informed as accurately as possible as to the schedule for shipping based on Order number. like, orders 7400-7499 anticipated shipping date of 'X'... I'm concerned about missing an email or whatever that my board shipped and it sits on my porch while i'm out of town etc. I have order #779X and have yet to receive my patch and pioneer letter while its seems most pioneers have... Should I call about that? did it get mailed to the wrong address? Did it even go out yet? Love your boards but man, the lack of communication is the downside for me. In business no one likes surprises, its a best practice to keep people informed as possible when they invested in your product and vision. Just sayin'. I love the ride just and I know you're growing fast but it seems your boards are way ahead of your service. Still love ya!

    Onewheel Hey Ryan, thanks for the note. The badges were sent to the billing address instead of shipping address by mistake so that might be the case here. If you had a different shipping and bill address let us know and we'll get another one out to you. We'll definitely keep you as informed on shipping dates as possible. It's a fine line projecting and not wanting to get over your skiis in the beginning of the production run. So far so good and we'll keep you in the loop!
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  • @ryanpppy By "we will definitely keep you informed on shipping dates as possible," it seems like they actually mean. 'We will keep you completely in the dark while over promising and under delivering on the estimated shipping dates until we actually print your shipping label at some point in the near or distant future.'

  • At the end of the day, they're a super small team. Very much understaffed. In the video, they posted about the behind the scenes (packing/shipping out) they showed only a handful of people. I think they need to just do a hiring boost of part time/laborers that can help box these boards up. BUT that only is only useful if the team that builds the board is sped up which again relies on manpower. I wouldn't want them cutting corners and building half-assed either so I understand their logic in taking their time with each board. HOWEVER, that does mean they just need to man up (literally) and have a staff that can meet their current demand. Ideally communication would solve a lot of these concerns, as they do have a great forum just begging for their voice to chime in here and again. It would be much easier than answering the same 100 emails that come in asking "has my order shipped yet? "

  • It's pretty simple you do what you say or you don't say it. When I promise my customer leadtime at work I either meet them or offer incentives like next day shipping or discounts to make up for it. I've eaten next day shipping costs numerous times. It's one thing to say we are late by 4-5 days and another thing for it to be late by 2 weeks. I know me typing all this isn't going to make my board ship sooner.. I can already guestimate my board to go out mid this month if not later which is far beyond the promised date not once but twice, they confirmed my board will ship 28th which it didn't then early March which is yet to be seen but I'll bet it won't and to top it all off they won't give you a direct answer. I know it's of good quality that's why I bought it and that's why it's also so expensive that however has nothing to do with delayed shipments being OK....

  • Its a pretty simple thing to do, a Twitter post: We are currently working on batch 7150-7200. Or on the website.

    I went thru this the last time for v1 so I know their style. You'd think they'd get tired of responding to the same emails over and over, but

  • IF... they are shipping 20 boards per day... wow.. it's been 100 per week... so... very, very, very long time to wait for me... maybe in April... hahahaha... like the other !

  • I'll wait an extra week or 2 and get a solid product rather than those mass produced Trotters or Dandans.

    Shipping shows April now. If I order, I'd be prepared for May.
    In all fairness, I've had nothing but great experience with them.

  • My only problem with FM is the lack of communication in regards to estimated shipping times. Don't tell someone to expect their board in February and then never communicate that has been a change. (Actually let me take that back - they did communicate through a mass marketing email that changed from February delivery to February / Early March - However, it wasn't exactly clear who this pertained to and since it was February at the time I ordered. I assumed I was still February) When I placed my order it stated a Feb. shipping date. That gives them a 28 window to complete as stated. Just think FM should do a better job managing expectations, a better job communicating, and should refrain from over promising and under delivering.
    As others have stated, this negativity from everyone could be solved if FM would just send out a simple email with a revised shipping time frames.

  • @parrothd said in Delivery??:

    Its a pretty simple thing to do, a Twitter post: We are currently working on batch 7150-7200. Or on the website.

    I went thru this the last time for v1 so I know their style. You'd think they'd get tired of responding to the same emails over and over, but

    If only there was some sort of forum where FM could post updates and respond to common questions, reaching hundreds of people at the same time....oh, wait

  • @s2kboy You don't have a lot of experience with Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, do you? It's not uncommon for them to run many months to a couple years over-schedule. While this isn't a kickstarter project, it's a Kickstarter company and this is only their second product launch. The mere fact that they got the first boards out of the factory by the end of February shows that they're making a good-faith effort to keep promises. Who even knows how much volume they expected to move that first day? They also changed the estimated shipping time for new orders at they began to pile up.

    With manufacturing, there are always going to be contingencies that can't be accounted for beforehand. I can think of a few that would make giving you an EXACT date of shipment weeks out not terribly feasible: Equipment sometimes breaks, vendor shipments can get lost or delayed, illnesses can sweep a workplace, new manufacturing processes with longer than anticipated time to completion, etc...

    You shouldn't plan your life around a preorder, period. I'm sure that FutureMotion would be happy to refund your money if it's bothering you that much. Otherwise, just try to relish the anticipation knowing it will be so very worth it.

  • So much angst on the forum :) It's probably best to have lower expectations and not expect and email from them right away, or to receive the new + right away, and just let it be what it is. Hopefully everyone has an Original to enjoy in the meantime, as they're still amazing.

  • @groovyruvy No original here. Every day I walk about 3 miles for my commute, wish I could be OneWheeling instead and save some time!

  • @groovyruvy I think what people are saying is that there would be a lot less angst if they just communicated better. When I ordered on the first day they said shipping in February, that means I expect to have my order shipped in February, if it isn't going to be shipped due to manufacturing/procurement/material issues than I would like to know when exactly I can expect shipment. Maybe if I had just put down a $250 deposit it wouldn't be as upsetting, but since they already took the full $1500 I expect a bit more. Oh and the emails every other day that says "We are shipping" is really annoying... Really? How many?

  • @COKids couldn't agree more. I think we've all learned from first-hand experience is that FM isn't the greatest about communicating or managing expectations. It's doesn't need to be as difficult or frustrating as they make it, but they clearly have limits and we're seeing and feeling them. All I'm suggesting is to have low expectations and be elated if and when they're exceeded.

  • Apparently you can't be disappointed after someone dosent keep a promise they make you. Hey let me just order lunch and get it for dinner, it's fine food is food. 😅

  • @bmtka Future Motion isn't a kickstarter any longer. They are grownup now and should start acting like everyone else who's held accountable in their professional lives. Defending them because they are "new" does nothing to hold them accountable. Yes, they have an awesome product- hands down the best on the market. However, if I engaged my customers the same way FM does...I would have no customers. I realize this is a preordered product- yet it appears they put up zero of their own capital to procure the materials for the new plus model...which I wouldn't have a problem with if they gave realistic delivery dates. Bottom line- if people keep reassuring them it's okay to over promise and under deliver- they will continue to operate this way. I'm not bitching for free shit because they fell short, I'm simply pleading with everyone to stop making excuses for them if you genuinely want to help them.

  • Please allow me to add a couple of facts in regards to Future Motion being a "new" and a "small" company (I'll let you be the judge):

    -Future Motion was founded in 2013. (
    -Successful Kickstarter in January 2014 where they raised $630,862.
    -They raised an additional $3.2M USD on February 2016. (
    -Their "behind the scenes" doesn't show people actually doing the manufacturing. This video ( from 2015 gives a glimpse at how many there might be. Unless they massively reduced their workforce, I think the "behind the scenes" we've seen for the + were misleading.

    That being said, they are making the best electric boards available in a highly competitive space. They also have added a bunch of job listings which should help immensely with their communications. So at this point I think the best thing we can all do is completely ignore all estimated ship dates they optimistically offered and patiently wait for a shipping confirmation email.