• @e-ball I think you are missing the point. When I placed my order the morning of the Onewheel + pre-order, the website stated February as expected delivery date. So the expectations that Future Motion set was that my board would be delivered in February. They set this expectation! Then the only communication I have received is that Founding members can expect their boards to ship late February / Early March. I know I am a founding member and so I am expecting my board late February since I know I am one of the first to order the board. Future Motion set my expectations and basically over promised and under delivered without communicating this change. I can understand not wanting to provide a specific schedule in case they missed those dates. However they should reset my expectations and err on the side of caution. i.e. Send out an email saying 'we are running 2 months behind schedule so the founding members can expect their boards late April / Early May' they could say this even though they may actually expect to have these boards out late March / Early April. (@MichaelW ) It would really suck to get this email at first like ripping off a band-aid, but it would reset my expectations. Then if I received an shipping confirmation before I expected it, I would be elated that it is coming earlier than I expected. Versus now where I am expecting February still since that is the only expectations they have set and everyday I wonder if today may be the day. IT IS MUCH BETTER BUSINESS TO UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER THAN TO OVER PROMISE AND UNDER DELIVER.

    Also I know there are differing levels of founding members and not sure what qualifies for the different tiers, I just know I am the top tier.

    Future Motion set the expectation and should communicate a change in this expectation.

  • I wonder if they are/were worried that customers would cancel or choose not to purchase the plus had they had a more vague delivery promise, or were overly cautious with delivery time tables?

  • @pcorlatan They did, after I pushed a little harder. I first got the standard response.

  • @Snurfer Yeah I wondered the same, but never good business to over promise and under deliver. Just need to do a better job managing expectations or resetting expectations.

  • @groovyruvy then wouldn't the OW+ be more like a supercharged OW than a turbo'ed? :p

    Those turbos kick in with a definite torque shift once it spools, where superchargers (being belt-driven) have a more or less constant effect.

    Man I miss having a sports car!

  • I think by next month, they'll be current with lead time.
    Otherwise, they'd change their delivery date to May if ordered today.
    My tax refund check is coming and the + is all I think about. lol...

  • @goodblake-eskate - Is it OK if I copy, paste and send your template to FM? seriously, I somewhat iterated that point in an FB message I sent to them that they responded to but maybe they just need the actual email written by their customers to send to their customers... : /

  • @ryanpppy Go for it! I was hoping that maybe it would get enough up votes that they would see it in the forum, but if you want to send it directly to them. I am totally fine with that. Be sure to include my post right after that directed to Future Motion about how they can thank me. :)

  • Unfortunately a lot of tech companies are in the business of getting money however they can by over promising and then under delivering. Just ask the people that have waited for a Tesla (after a paid deposit) in the past (They are often more than two years behind their promise dates). The good news for them (Tesla and OneWheel) is that the product is so good people tend to put up with the BS. The bad news for customers is that they often feel they were manipulated. Not the best feeling, but when you get the product and its awesome the bitterness tends to melt a bit with every ride.

    Tesla is taking it to the next level and selling an auto pilot option that they don't even know for sure if they can even get the regulations to run the software at any point. People are paying 4,000-8000 up front for software (auto pilot options) that may never see the light of day for years to come. Stuff that can be beamed to the car at any point (the hardware is already there in every car) down the road with a touch of a few buttons... Its nuts!

    I think OW should ask for 500 dollar deposits then charge the rest when the product ships. That would be more fair in my opinion but in the end it doesn't surprise me what they can get away with. We want product too much and they want the money now!!

  • Your buying a quality American product future motion isn't a Chinese sweat shop.. quality is super top notch=quality takes time! It's not made in CHINA ...

  • @oahukevin said in Delivery??:

    Your buying a quality American product future motion isn't a Chinese sweat shop.. quality is super top notch=quality takes time! It's not made in CHINA ...

    So... "quality american made" means broken promises & fictional deadlines?!?the new Trump way;);)!?...:(???...chinese do that also!;)....even doing the release before the app is ready...i Experienced exactly that with the DANDAN/ gyro clone, but at the time thought it was the crappy chinese way of doing business...,.

    Now, I think it's more to do with small companies hoping& acting like their big companies so they can make the Big $$$ with a small amouint of effort/people..

    And let's be honest hard is it to first get your production up and running and checked !!!!APP ready!!!!!after runnning a comparable product succesfully for 3 years BEFORE you start selling!?!?)...preventing all THIS crap

  • FM is probably working 18 hours days, 7 days a week to get the boards rolling.
    Looks like they had more orders than anticipated. We're talking weeks delay, not months.
    Many companies don't get involve in public forums for various/valid reasons.
    betcha they'll catch up by April.
    It's a well ran company from everything I know about them.

  • @sonny123 they likely don't work 18 hours in two days, even including their lunch breaks. If they were that would demonstrate they care about their customer, which would likely result in communications from them. So, I'm not sure what basis you have to say they are a great company. Yes, they make a wonderful product and that's where any accolades stop. Defending their ridiculous behavior is only enabling them.

  • @bdech15 said in Delivery??:

    @sonny123 So, I'm not sure what basis you have to say they are a great company.

    Well, I bought my board almost a year ago well used.
    Shredded the hell out of it and by end of Summer,
    I contacted them for FW update and was ready to pay for both way shipping.
    They covered both way shipping and sent it back pretty much refurbished.

    Most people who pre-order know they're signing up for possible delay and are okay with it.
    Most don't involve in forum.
    There's always gonna be 1 or 2 who'll whine and bitch even if they get their board yesterday.

    I've dealt with contractors who over promise and deliver shit.
    They usually get your deposit and you're stuck.
    Try getting it back without small claim court.

    Here, they're offering a 'cancel and refund' option.
    If you can't wait, just refund. Simple.

  • @sonny123 said in Delivery??:

    @bdech15 said in Delivery??:

    @sonny123 So, I'm not sure what basis you have to say they are a great company.

    Here, they're offering a 'cancel and refund' option.
    If you can't wait, just refund. Simple.

    Actually could I ask you where you saw that option? As far as I can tell that isn't explicitly stated anywhere on their website, promo material or in the order confirmation email.

  • @SeattleCommuter

    Honestly, I'm not sure.
    Thought it was mentioned in other posts.
    So I could be wrong on that one.

  • Seriously, what are people complaining about....?

    They said they would start to ship in Feb, check. They said they would continue to ship into March and they are.

    If people are really annoyed that a one off original (and fking awesome) TOY that cannot be purchased anywhere else on the planet ( maybe even the universe ) is delayed by a couple of weeks. ( even though at the moment it techinally isn't :/ )

    Then maybe you have issues. . & possibly too little else going on in your life..

    Take this as tough love or let the hate begin.

    Peace n Fucking, believe! :)

  • @Zen.Potatoes Just for the sake of trolling :P Hehe

    As far as I can tell, they haven't shipped any boards in March. They shipped out the initial batch of 50 or so on the 28th, but I haven't seen anyone post that they have received shipping confirmations since that initial batch.

    And again just for giggles and please don't think I saying this seriously or that this anyway is the same as the quality Onewheel, but you can buy this in this universe. :P

    Need Onewheel + asap as I have taken to trolling (all in good fun - not serious) to pass the time. :)

  • Honestly.. I'm not trolling too... But I am a wind up merchant and take the piss 99% of the time.....but for the greater good :) Its just who I am..

    I just though people need to chill a little....

    If boards aren't here by Late Match/April, then I'll be a bit little pissed too.. but they are so worth the wait and a couple of weeks extra isnt that much of an extra wait for such an awesome bit of kit & I'm sure they don't want the delay anymore than we do...

  • @kmacor I'm in 🇫🇷 and don't even have an Order Number but shoul get the OW+ in may. You see, your case is better than mine 😀

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