• @s2kboy You don't have a lot of experience with Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, do you? It's not uncommon for them to run many months to a couple years over-schedule. While this isn't a kickstarter project, it's a Kickstarter company and this is only their second product launch. The mere fact that they got the first boards out of the factory by the end of February shows that they're making a good-faith effort to keep promises. Who even knows how much volume they expected to move that first day? They also changed the estimated shipping time for new orders at they began to pile up.

    With manufacturing, there are always going to be contingencies that can't be accounted for beforehand. I can think of a few that would make giving you an EXACT date of shipment weeks out not terribly feasible: Equipment sometimes breaks, vendor shipments can get lost or delayed, illnesses can sweep a workplace, new manufacturing processes with longer than anticipated time to completion, etc...

    You shouldn't plan your life around a preorder, period. I'm sure that FutureMotion would be happy to refund your money if it's bothering you that much. Otherwise, just try to relish the anticipation knowing it will be so very worth it.

  • So much angst on the forum :) It's probably best to have lower expectations and not expect and email from them right away, or to receive the new + right away, and just let it be what it is. Hopefully everyone has an Original to enjoy in the meantime, as they're still amazing.

  • @groovyruvy No original here. Every day I walk about 3 miles for my commute, wish I could be OneWheeling instead and save some time!

  • @groovyruvy I think what people are saying is that there would be a lot less angst if they just communicated better. When I ordered on the first day they said shipping in February, that means I expect to have my order shipped in February, if it isn't going to be shipped due to manufacturing/procurement/material issues than I would like to know when exactly I can expect shipment. Maybe if I had just put down a $250 deposit it wouldn't be as upsetting, but since they already took the full $1500 I expect a bit more. Oh and the emails every other day that says "We are shipping" is really annoying... Really? How many?

  • @COKids couldn't agree more. I think we've all learned from first-hand experience is that FM isn't the greatest about communicating or managing expectations. It's doesn't need to be as difficult or frustrating as they make it, but they clearly have limits and we're seeing and feeling them. All I'm suggesting is to have low expectations and be elated if and when they're exceeded.

  • Apparently you can't be disappointed after someone dosent keep a promise they make you. Hey let me just order lunch and get it for dinner, it's fine food is food. 😅

  • @bmtka Future Motion isn't a kickstarter any longer. They are grownup now and should start acting like everyone else who's held accountable in their professional lives. Defending them because they are "new" does nothing to hold them accountable. Yes, they have an awesome product- hands down the best on the market. However, if I engaged my customers the same way FM does...I would have no customers. I realize this is a preordered product- yet it appears they put up zero of their own capital to procure the materials for the new plus model...which I wouldn't have a problem with if they gave realistic delivery dates. Bottom line- if people keep reassuring them it's okay to over promise and under deliver- they will continue to operate this way. I'm not bitching for free shit because they fell short, I'm simply pleading with everyone to stop making excuses for them if you genuinely want to help them.

  • Please allow me to add a couple of facts in regards to Future Motion being a "new" and a "small" company (I'll let you be the judge):

    -Future Motion was founded in 2013. (
    -Successful Kickstarter in January 2014 where they raised $630,862.
    -They raised an additional $3.2M USD on February 2016. (
    -Their "behind the scenes" doesn't show people actually doing the manufacturing. This video ( from 2015 gives a glimpse at how many there might be. Unless they massively reduced their workforce, I think the "behind the scenes" we've seen for the + were misleading.

    That being said, they are making the best electric boards available in a highly competitive space. They also have added a bunch of job listings which should help immensely with their communications. So at this point I think the best thing we can all do is completely ignore all estimated ship dates they optimistically offered and patiently wait for a shipping confirmation email.

  • I just received a email response to my question of when our board will ship. It sounds like they did not ramp up to a full production line yet on the OW+ and they are doing that now. I was told not to expect shipment until late March. While that is disappointing, at least it seams like an honest answer. I guess I will stop bitching now and just wait and hope the board is put together well and has no issues.

  • I'll have to second the encouragements of patience brought up here. I've been a part of more than a few pre-orders, with varying degrees of success... and can definitely say I've been impressed with FM on this one. I figure I'll get it in April (as estimated) if I'm lucky, and hopefully within a few weeks to a month more if I'm not. Remember, there was no guaranteed delivery date when you pre-ordered this - so for them to stay this well on schedule is actually pretty awesome.

    Hang in there, we'll be riding soon!

  • What I think (hope) is that they wanted to get a decent number of boards out there quickly before truly ramping up production to see if any early issues crop up. They likely figured (accurately) that the earliest of adopters would test the boards hard. We're seeing things like some of the grip tape peeling up, not having digital shaping 2.0 (the app) ready yet, etc. They were likely addressing the early reports before getting into full-blown production mode.

  • I am actually surprise many people expect FM to provide decent customer service. I am actually happy they provide a solid shipping estimate. If you guys ever heard or purchase Phazon, you would understand FM is actually good. (tl;dr some people been waiting 1yr+ for the product to be ship and the Company always provide "false" shipping date)

  • @bmtka I think what most people are having a hard time with is the fact OneWheel does not communicate their revised scheduling... I def did not plan my life around getting this board however, I did pay 1500 for it and a heads up with a new timeline is not to much to ask. It's probably a decent practice to realize the people who buy your product keep you in business, just let them know WTF is happening.

  • I guess I understand why most have low expectations, all the comparative examples are companies that lied or misled their patrons. I expect more, my business requires communication and timed delivery. I would be out of business if I operated this way. I guess if you want a One Wheel you need to accept that when it comes it will be awesome but the in between is a shit sandwich.

  • @bazzingapunk Other shitty companies bad support and broken promises doesn't excuse FM. They need to hear our feedback in order to get better. I'm sort of shocked that they haven't focused more on their customer service at this point. There are a lot of electric board options at this point, and they should be fighting for each customer.

  • @sidebox that's just it- they're not fighting for each customer because they're holding the cards and they know it. They can't make the new boards fast enough to fill orders. They're not thinking customer service, or long-term, they're just trying to get the next batch of boards out. Doesn't seem like a good long-term survival strategy to take this approach, I know I certainly couldn't get away with it, but I think their mindset is more immediate and shorter term at the moment. Doesn't excuse it, just explains possibly why it's happening.

  • @groovyruvy yep. We agree. Super short-sighted of them. They have an opportunity to engage their community here on the forums, and they abandoned that a long time ago. I get that it is extra money to hire a true customer support staff... but if they want to make it longterm, they need to start building brand loyalty early on. They've already whiffed on years of goodwill, hopefully they wake up soon. It feels like they just assume everyone will shutup and be satisfied once their board arrives at their front door. Had they given a realistic estimate on turnaround and production, they wouldn't have to worry about leaving a bad taste to rinse out at all.

  • Is it too late for me to post my entry on this thread for Whinyest little bitch of the year Award!

    I do hope not, but there is such great competition on this thread and to be honest I don't think I'm up to the challenge.


  • @Zen.Potatoes Spoken like someone who has never run a business in their life. We aren't whining. We are lamenting that a company that has a real shot to become well rounded is missing out on that opportunity. You've just won the award, by the way.

  • @sidebox That's a really good point actually. I can't name another company that has its own forums and yet doesn't have anyone on their payroll engage with their customers. On the flip side, I can tell you that I bought into eero's ecosystem primarily because of their community engagement...