I rode today, early pushback, free wheeling and braking mystery

  • I started riding about an hour ago and started to realize that I was getting earlier push back but I didn't check my speed at the time. I confirmed it with my phone at around 13 mph. Right after that, I was running at around 8 or 9 mph when I felt the board doing a very minor see saw motion, a few degrees up and down. Braking was not as responsive. Riding from a stop, I would be nose lower than usual for about 20 feet. I hit a branch at about 7 or 8 mph which caused the board to freewheel for a couple seconds. The reason I bring this up is that I haven't freewheeled unless I was moving pretty good and the obstacle was something more substantial like a transition from street to sidewalk with a small dip to deal with. I rode that dip again and others feather braking into the transition with no freewheel issues after that.

    Was there a firmware update? I am always in Extreme mode, l stopped and switched to Classic, rode 30 yards and switched it back.

    The braking felt like some people have described the Onewheel+ braking, slower to respond. Come to think of it, acceleration was sluggish too.

    Has anyone else had issues today with their V1? If you ask me, it feels like what people have described the V+ characteristics to be like.

  • Ummm, I think I stumped the forum

  • @Earthpilot I dunno. Did you try the usual things... turning it off and then back on again, giving it a charge cycle, etc? I'm pretty sure they can't push new firmware to your board via the cloud, only through an actually app update through Appstore/Playstore. My app has not been updated, yet. You can see what firmware version you're on via the official app.

    You've been riding long enough that subtle things, like you've described, would be noticeable to you, but would maybe not be noticeable to a newer rider, yeah? Did you happen to let someone else use your OW before all this happened? One of the very early retailers of OneWheel told me that the board actually adjusts its software to account for different riders--their weight, skill, and style--and that that's why he didn't let randos try out his board anymore because it can take a while for it to start behaving again the way you, the primary rider, expect it to. I don't know how accurate that is since he's the only source I've heard that from, but it sounded like he had learned that from someone from the company with intimate technical knowledge. Just throwing that out there.

    Otherwise, maybe contact support if you're still within warranty? If not, maybe crack 'er open and give a look at the control board to see if there's an obviously blown capacitor?

  • @bmtka I did turn it off and on again, turned my phone off and on again, freewheeled the tire with the board off and the app showed 1 to 2.5 mph while doing this. interesting. By charge cycle you mean charging for a full 48 hours? I didn't do that yet. I'll do that after I take another ride to see if recharging did anything. I had it plugged in overnight last night from 9 pm until about 2:45 pm today. I'm going to check my plugs as well. The thing spun out and hit the curb the other day and I had to replace my fender mounts but it rode fine after the maintenance. Thanks for your post. Very interesting about the different rider software adjustments.It was only me on the board leading up to this.

  • @Earthpilot I doubt that a 48 hr cell balancing charge will make a difference if a simple recharge doesn't change anything. If no one else rode it, the hypothetical software thing isn't your issue.

    What do you mean by "spun out and hit the curb" and replacing the "fender mounts"? You saying you mangled some screws, like @njcustom 's finger-screw mounts? That sounds potentially chassis damaging? If so, could that have caused a shock bad enough that it could harm the electronics. How long between your repair of that and the new problems you're experiencing? Could be completely unrelated.

  • I was riding Saturday morning approaching a car pulling out of a parking lot, I stopped, he motioned me to go, I went to accelerate and the nose dove on the start so I stepped off the front and let the board spin itself out, rollover into the curb breaking two home made mounts on my bucket fender. I let the guy go first as I laughed about it and continued my ride with zero issues. When I got back to the house, I started creating all new rubber strap mounts out of large diameter fire hose. I assembled the fender and rode the rest of the day with no issues and into Sunday with no issues plugging it in last night. There was no damage to the frame or anything attached to it, just the brackets or mounts. So from Saturday morning until Sunday night with no issues and then plugged it in for the night. I'm looking at about 36 hours plus.

    I am going to open up my plug panel and disconnect and reconnect my wheel assembly wires as these are the only connections that I have disconnected recently because I replaced my second tire..

  • I'm glad you posted this, I swear to god I felt the exact same thing today! Just out of the blue my onewheel is acting up slightly and it doesn't feel the same! Wtf?!?!

  • Something has been up with mine also. It's like push back does not have as much force as it used too and if I push just a little more it starts to surge and free wheel and if you don't slow imediatly it will nose dive. This is around 14-17mph. I have another board I am able to sustain 20mph and top speeds just under 24mph and the nose still feels solid. It has been difficult dealing with FM on this issue. Even though I bought it new from FM and it's under warranty they have refused to take a look at it. When I tell them about the differences of the 2 boards they say every board is different and the motor is just wearing out at 7months and 800 miles?? They also say any issue you have above 14-15mph is not an issue cause the board is only designed to go 14mph.

  • @Earthpilot Yeah, do reconnect your wheel assembly harness and take a look to make sure everything is lined up and corrosion-free. That's the only thing I can think of that would be easy and not wear-related. It does sound like something that very well could be the consequence of a well used motor. How many miles and/or months are you into ownership? If you're absolutely sure that the crash you had (lol, I forgot about your amazing BucketFender... Bravo!) didn't precipitate the issue, go ahead and pull the screws on the under-sensor footpad end to see if there is anything amiss on the control board. Look for blown capacitors. They're the tall cylindrical shaped things on the PCB. The top of a cap has a flat bare-metal surface that should be scored into thirds so as to roughly resemble a Mercedes-Benz emblem. If one of those appears swollen, ruptured, or the seams separated in any way, that very well could be your problem. The "see-saw" motion that you mentioned sounds to me like something that could be related to voltage regulation and thus a bad capacitor... but it could also very well be the motor slowly shitting the bed.

    If you're still w/in warranty you can try to flog it hard enough to get it to act up within the parameters of the advertised max speed. That might be your best bet. Otherwise, open 'er up and see if anything looks amiss?

  • I haven't opened up the board yet to look at the capacitors. Today I checked my tire pressure and it was at 13 psi so I bumped it back up to 15 psi and went for a ride. I didn't feel the light surging that I felt yesterday. The nose still rises around 13 mph and I didn't get any freewheeling today. I think that it is possible that the motor could be wearing out. Any bets on what they would charge me for one? As of today, I have 1968 miles on the board. I will have owned it 6 months on March 14th.

    @johnny @wr420 I wonder if we are going to be hearing from more people about their boards acting up. It's weird, the plus gets shipped, OWbuddy hasn't updated the leader boards for many days and you guys are describing some of the symptoms I'm having. I'll get under the foot pad and into the control board tomorrow.

  • @Earthpilot said in I rode today, early pushback, free wheeling and braking mystery:

    @johnny @wr420 I wonder if we are going to be hearing from more people about their boards acting up. It's weird, the plus gets shipped, OWbuddy hasn't updated the leader boards for many days and you guys are describing some of the symptoms I'm having. I'll get under the foot pad and into the control board tomorrow.

    Just like when a new iPhone is released and the older models start having issues

  • @Earthpilot

    If you're running a low psi, the motor has to work a lot harder and may cause some malfunctions.
    I've had my V1 for close to a year, bought used, ride it everyday and runs as smooth as butter. I run 24+ psi.

  • I think that my dismount, runaway board to curb may have altered my tire pressure somewhat. I also have No's treaded Hoosier that I can't really run above 15.5 psi to keep the tread from hitting the battery box. I will let you all know how the next few days go.

  • I rode today 2 separate times and I think that the board is back to normal now. I did try this crazy sidewalk surf stance ride the other day that may have imputed some weird things into the boards software. Do you guys still have issues with your boards and the push back?

  • @Earthpilot my board has gone back to normal function, no more buzzing, but now I think the frame is weak and my board literally squeaks when I brake or move my feet opposite ways back and forth

  • @Earthpilot - Mine is still acting weird. Like not enough force with push back to the point it nose dives. This is around 14-15mph. FM has now offered to take it back and have a look. I can get my other older OW to about 24mph without the nose dropping out so I find it strange that this large a difference could be related to slight differences in manufacturing/parts. Board also has 850miles and did not do this for the first 800.
    Got my fingers crossed they can replicate it.

  • @wr420 Well; it's good that you have 2 boards. Let them look at it, won't hurt. Unplug tour footpad and wheel and reattach them and see if that works first

    @johnny Put some type of thin lubricant on your bearings. I do this every so often. If you haven't crashed hard, your frame is solid. Try weather strip under your foot pads on the frame, the thin stuff. Tighten all your screws and tell me how that works.

  • @wr420 wait your actually able to get your V1 board to do 20 +mph??

  • @thecool32 yep, OGOW, check the leader board. 1st ride this morning with the new app, 25mph.
    Woot woot!!

  • @wr420 Jesus how much do you weigh like 105? lol

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