Legalize it ... on the Streets of Austria

  • Hello there.
    Here in Austria its a little bit tricky. When you're stopped by a Policeman, an he's an *** he can punish you quite hard.
    So i'm trying to fix this cause i met one of them (1 of maybe 1000) and he told me to charge me when he sees me the next time on this "toy". Just had some correspondents with the first instance, a really helpful guy, and we found out that the easiest way would be to proof that there is another country in the EU or EWR that tollerates the Onweheel in it's laws.

    I hope that one of the European Riders can help me, cause the Onewheel would be quite useless for me otherwise cause I come across this "friendly" Policemans way at least once a week.

  • Under what law/code he's stopping you for? Just curious how the exchange went. OW should be viewed as skateboard. Just because it uses difference source of energy does not mean its a "toy". You have fuel car, electric car, solar car and they are all viewed the same. Am I simplifying it too much?

  • @bazzingapunk I disagree with the statement that a "OW should be viewed as a skateboard." There have been precedents set in the US where electric skateboards (which I would place the Onewheel in the electric skateboard category) are the equivalent of an electric bike which is the equivalent of a normal bike. So essentially electric skateboard is the treated like a bike under the law. This is important since I constantly run into situations where "skateboards" are not allowed on this property. This is due to skateboards causing damage to property by grinding rails etc. Also since they will congregate in large groups and use the property as a terrain park versus being there to shop etc. Not that I have anything against skateboarders, but I do think electric skateboarders should continue to push to be completely distinct from skateboarders.

    @Solaranlage another route you could try, if you can fit into this category, is claiming that it is a Power-Driven Mobility Device. Essentially saying the OW helps you get around without pain just like a wheelchair or walkers etc. Me, for example, I have hip problems and it can be painful for me to walk long distances. (Just to be clear, I can still pretty much do all the things I have always done but I do have pain if I walk long distances. So it may not be obvious that I have a disability but electric skateboards have changed my life in making me more active and do things I wouldn't have done otherwise. Just because my disability isn't obvious doesn't mean it doesn't exist.) So under the ADA Act of 1990 in the US ( ), you have the freedom to choose what mobility device best serves your needs and for me that's an electric skateboard. So ever hurt your knee or ankle or have back pain etc, it may be worth a try.

    So in summary in the US the two options I use:

    1. Precedents have been set where electric skateboards = a bike and are subject to all laws / rights of bicyclist
    2. American Disability Act - allows those to use whatever mobility device best serves their needs whether is be a wheelchair or electric skateboard.

    Hope this helps

  • The thing with the ebike is my way. For the moment. But laws here are not really on time. Its time to change them but thats not so easy in good old europe.

    Atm im awaiting a response from the ministry for traffic, innovation and technology. Ill report.

  • This hurts to hear.. sorry buddy.. hope it works out for you

  • @njcustom Hope so too.

    Where are all the french guys? Can you ride it legally on the roads of france?

  • It's less dangerous then a bicycle.. it should be legal everywhere.. I don't see the problem.. go to your police station and ask to see it on paper.. bet they can't produce it..

  • @njcustom i've done some quite good reseach on the current laws. The point is, you would have to mount reflecors to the board. Not sexy but possible. The point where i get stuck is that a bicycle has to have two seperate braking-systems. So the only two ways are to prove that there is another EU-country where its legal, or to get an exception from the ministry. Thos would then count for all onewheels is austria, and maybe for some other countries in the EU.

  • @Solaranlage looks like Sweden made Onewheel legal to use:

    Try to get in touch with Leif from

  • @owBeez thanks for that. Ill give it a try.

  • @Solaranlage Try this. Take your board right to police headquarters and ask to talk to the person in charge. Explain to them that you would like to demonstrate the boards functionality to them and really connect with them as an ambassador of something completely new to them and everyone else. We are paving new ground with our boards and it is essential that we become really good at presenting what we have as something that not only is a novel way to get around but in the case of law enforcement, you are actually good for neighborhood watch being that you are always around and you travel very quietly and you can be an asset to the police and the community.. The cops in Orlando see me and I always acknowledge them even if they do not do so in return. Stand tal, be confidentl and show respect and always recognize them. Put a thin blue line sticker on your board or something that your country recognizes s support of law enforcement. I want to see you succeed with this endeavor. I wish you luck my friend.

    In regard to Sweden's bell policy, I carry jingle bells but I rarely use them. Use them anytime you see a police officer and approach them and make friends with them. I am totally serious. I have cops ask me all the time about my board.

  • Hello again. So I received an answer from the Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology. Looks like they say its not allowed on the Streets, but i'm still working on it. There are basicly two ways to define it. Mine, and the way the Ministry does. I could explain it here, but i don't have time to and it would be really complicated in English. But both of them are legal, its just a matter of interpretation.

  • @Solaranlage Hello :) I'm french...and riding my OW everywhere lol. Well to be honest and fair, we are in a "legal hole". In French laws, the OW is not considered as a bicycle and not as a motorbike, therefore it is considered as a toy ( despite it is electricaly powered) and must be used on sidewalks under the speed of 6km/h. At the same time, the government is constantly asked to give a legitimate status to all these new way of mobility, but until now, there is nothing, so we continue to ride everywhere but carefully.

  • i really very much appreciate the efforts which @Solaranlage puts into his target to make driving a OW here legal!

    many people just tend to complain about a bad situation or start acting when it is too late, but he starts putting efforts into this topic at a time where there are no clear rules for devices like that, so lobbying for a more expedient law has quite some chance for success...

    i think all people from europe should support that, because other countries sooner or later will also deal with such topics and they will probably have a look at at how others dealed with it.

    so once more: isn´t there anybody how knows about a country in europe where driving a OW is allowed? (e.g. concerned as a e-bike?)
    @Solaranlage said:

    we found out that the easiest way would be to proof that there is another country in the EU or EWR that tollerates the Onweheel in it's laws

  • @Solaranlage said in Legalize it ... on the Streets of Austria:

    Just had some correspondents with the first instance, a really helpful guy, and we found out that the easiest way would be to proof that there is another country in the EU or EWR that tollerates the Onweheel in it's laws.

    Looks like Finland had a similar law come into effect on 1 Jan 2016...

    Lots of rules about this, doesn't sound like much fun. Best of luck to you!

  • Thanks for that. I'll check that tomorrow. In the meantime i learned that its legal in sweden, as long as you mount a ring-bell. So this help. But still the problem lies in the interpretation. The ministry says its toy I say its a vehicle. But the opinion that counts is not mine.

  • @Solaranlage same as in France, it's a toy...

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